6 Household Items You’re Probably Forgetting to Clean

It’s easy to tell when certain things need to be washed -- the dishes, the laundry, the car, the children -- but we don’t always notice that it’s been, say, six months since we saw the bottom of the freezer drawer. Let the HDX line of cleaning products help you take charge of your fall cleaning plan.  Available exclusively at The Home Depot, HDX offers the value you’re looking for without sacrificing good quality performance. 


Here are six things that are probably due to be cleaned at your house:

1. About that freezer drawer: Throw expired or freezer-burned food in a sturdy, tear-resistant Flexpro trash bag so it doesn’t leak thawed mystery meat all over the floor while you’re busy chipping frost from that ancient slice of wedding cake

2. And when was the last time you deep-cleaned your fridge? If it was way back during Spring Cleaning, now is the perfect time to do some Fall Freshening as you swap out the watermelon and lemonade for soups and fresh apple cider. Wipe down surfaces with microfiber towels or non-scratch sponges plus all-purpose cleaner in the scent of your choice.

3. ’Tis the season for kids to come home crawling with germs, and if you share mobile devices, you’re practically asking to share the sniffles. Keep tubs of antibacterial wipes stationed around the house for swiping across phones, tablets, and keyboards.

4. Take a second to think about what you’ve poured down your kitchen sink lately, and then tell me you don’t need these little balls that clean out your garbage disposal and leave it smelling like an orange grove. Yep, that’s what I thought.

5. Give your coffeemaker a little love: wash away mineral deposits by running a cycle using cleaning vinegar instead of water.

6. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I’m talking about the dust on your light fixtures, ceiling fans, and window blinds. Take care of all of the above (get it?) with the Microfiber Flex Duster, which bends and extends to 60 inches to reach all those out-of-sight dust magnets. And if after the dust is gone you notice you’ve revealed somel stuck-on dirt or grime, grab some soft (yet super absorbent) HDX paper towels and all-purpose cleaner to tackle whatever spots might linger.

What else is overdue for a cleaning at your house?

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