10 Things Anyone Obsessed With Organization Knows to Be True

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This world is full of opportunity for vices, some more serious than others. That's what I tell myself each and every time I find myself reveling in my own. It can be an expensive obsession, even though it shouldn't be, but, hey, at least it keeps me off the streets.


That's right, folks, I'm a serial organizer. Or, rather, a serial daydreamer of organizing.

As a mom of two boys and wife to a man who has blinders to mess, I essentially live in a junior frat house. Does this bother me? One-hundred percent. I dream of living in a clean, organized space that's the stuff viral Internet home hacks are made of, and I know I'm not alone.

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If you're like me, you can totally relate to these 10 realities of being obsessed with organized living. Take your attention away from Pinterest for a bit to commiserate.

1. Containers and bins should color coordinate with your home decor.

Sure, some people focus on threading a few accent colors through their window treatments, area rugs, throw pillows, and blankets. But you take it a step further. You splurge on fancy lidded boxes that not only stash living room accoutrements -- they add a pop of color to the room. Five years later those boxes, that were $23 a pop, are as much a part of your family as your kids are.

2. Home decorating inspo comes from unlikely places.

Similarly, you find photos of your dream home on the catalog pages of organization stores, not the high-end furniture retailer you'll never be able to afford. Who cares about that stunning plantation-style dining room table that costs twice as much as your monthly mortgage? All you want to see is storage upon storage upon storage.

3. The following GIF inexplicably gives you the happy feels.

4. Every pair of shoes you own should be housed in its original box in your closet.

5. And, yes, there is a right way to fold a T-shirt.

6. A label maker can change your life.

In fact, you're petitioning to have that old adage changed from "the best thing since sliced bread" to "the best thing since the label maker." #truthbomb

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7. The perfect Saturday looks something like this.

8. Bins are your friend.

If you could put everything you own in a box or bin, you would in a heartbeat. There's a place for everything and everything in its place, amiright?

9. Almost all your furniture should double as storage.

Storage ottomans? Check. Storage bed? Check. Storage bench? Several. Any piece of furniture that only has one job is just plain lazy.

10. After reading this, you've realized one thing.


Image via iStock.com/Omer Yurdakul Gundogdu

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