15 Millionaire Bathrooms We Only Wish We Could Pee In

15 Millionaire Bathrooms We Only Wish We Could Pee In


The humble bathroom. It may not be the first room we think of in a house, but we sure spend a boatload of time in there. From showering, to getting ready in the morning, to ... doing other things, the bathroom gets a lot of foot-traffic in a home. If money were no object, why wouldn't you create an incredible space where you can draw yourself a bath and unwind in at the end of each day? A seriously chic bathroom is, after all, the ultimate sign of luxury.

Which got us thinking -- what would the commode of our dreams look like? They'd all be palatial with things like "emotional showers" installed, inspiration garnered from Roman bathhouses, and positively dripping in luxury.

Of course, that all comes with a price, so if you've got around $15 million to spare, you can sit on one of these elite thrones. 


Image via 432 Park Avenue


  • The 'Roman Bathhouse' Bathroom

    Image via christiesrealeastate.com

    The founder of Yankee Candle designed this bathroom in his (now-sold) Florida compound to be reminiscent of a Roman bathhouse. Wonder if it smells like vanilla cupcake?

  • The 'Emotional Shower' Bathroom

    Image via sothebysreality.com

    Not only does this shower look like something out of The Jetsons, it's an "emotional shower," which means it engages the senses of touch, smell, and sight when you're bathing.

    Not bad -- but would you expect anything less than a bathroom in an $18 million home in the Italian countryside?

  • The Church Bathroom

    Image via knightfrank.com

    If you've got over $14 million to turn an old British church into your home, you know the bathroom is going to be good. So modern, though? Now, that's a surprise!

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  • The Spa Bathroom

    Image via trulia.com

    This is the bathroom in business tycoon Larry Ellison's daughter's $15 million home in Los Angeles. And check out that insane view!

  • The Ultimate Bathroom

    Image via thehouseofhadid.com

    Umm ... is this a bathroom or someone's house? This insane washroom in an $85 million Beverly Hills mansion has anything and everything anyone could ever need. People need leather lounge chairs and chandeliers when they're bathing, right?

  • The Ultra-Modern Bathroom

    Image via knightfrank.co.uk

    How heavenly would it be to pour yourself a glass of wine and sit in this gorgeous tub in your $16 million English pad? 

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  • A Bathroom With a View

    Image via 432parkavenue.com

    Talk about getting away from it all. Laugh at the commuters below when you're soaking in this gorgeous bathtub with view that's even more gorgeous. 

  • The Fireplace Bathroom

    Image via realtor.com

    Leave it to a Real Housewife to have an ornate bathroom like this. Melissa Gorga of The Real Housewives of New Jersey decided she needed a fireplace in her bathroom, because duh, who doesn't?

  • The (Indoor) Outdoor Shower

    Image via berkshirehathawayhs.com

    Ever felt like bathing outside without, you know, going outside? Apparently, so did the owners of this $10 million Pennsylvania estate -- hence, the outdoorsy vibe and brick tub.

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  • The Cozy-Meets-Modern Bathroom

    Image via savills.com

    Is it cozy? Modern? It's both! This $3 million English home is the best of both worlds. 

  • The Woodsy-Meets-Industrial Bathroom

    Image via jackson-stops.co.uk

    This $2 million home was once a 17th-century farmhouse -- and the design in the bathroom shows!

  • The Serenity Bathroom

    Image via winkworth-international.com

    Could it possibly get any sexier (or more relaxing?) than this? Nope! The bathroom in this Cote d'Azur home is the pinnacle of luxury. 

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  • The Miami Bathroom

    Image via ewm.com

    Not a bad way to get ready for the morning -- with a clear view of the Atlantic. This stunning bathroom sits in a $7 million Miami property. Gorgeous. 

  • The Elegant Bathroom

    Image via hamptons.co.uk

    High ceilings, enormous windows, and a tub like that? Yep, we'll take this $5 million English property, thanks.  

  • The 'Fish House' Bathroom

    Image via guzarchitects.com

    The bathroom in this Singapore "Fish House" is the size of about three New York studio apartments -- and it's much nicer, too. 

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