15 Millionaire Bathrooms We Only Wish We Could Pee In


The humble bathroom. It may not be the first room we think of in a house, but we sure spend a boatload of time in there. From showering, to getting ready in the morning, to ... doing other things, the bathroom gets a lot of foot-traffic in a home. If money were no object, why wouldn't you create an incredible space where you can draw yourself a bath and unwind in at the end of each day? A seriously chic bathroom is, after all, the ultimate sign of luxury.

Which got us thinking -- what would the commode of our dreams look like? They'd all be palatial with things like "emotional showers" installed, inspiration garnered from Roman bathhouses, and positively dripping in luxury.

Of course, that all comes with a price, so if you've got around $15 million to spare, you can sit on one of these elite thrones. 


Image via 432 Park Avenue


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