15 Mind-Blowingly Unique Places to Stay in the US

15 Mind-Blowingly Unique Places to Stay in the US


Finding a place to stay when you're taking a trip is almost as fun as figuring out where to go in the first place. Chances are you usually wind up checking in to a standard hotel or Airbnb when heading out of town, but here's the thing: It so doesn't have to be that way. 

For those looking to get a little more than a bed and a few mini toiletries out of their next hotel, here are 15 mind-blowingly unique places to shack up in the US. 

Sure, you may need to be a millionaire to stay at some of these spectacular places, but hey, a girl can dream, right?


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  • Geo Dome

    Image via airbnb.com

    The Geo Dome, which is on a farm in the Catskills in New York, is just that: a dome. The space is advertised as "glamping" in style, but one small caveat: You need to BYOB. Bring your own bed. 

    Rates: Starting at $350/night

  • The Queen Mary

    Image via queenmary.com

    Surely you've heard of the famous ship, the Queen Mary. But how about staying aboard? The Queen Mary, which permanently resides in Long Beach, California, has been turned into a gorgeous hotel, complete with spa, gym, and shopping.  

  • The Liberty Hotel

    Image via libertyhotel.com

    The Liberty Hotel in Boston used to be a prison (with a view), but today the space is a luxe hotel with few relics of its former life -- such as the cell doors.

    Rates: Starting at $670/night 

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  • Beckham Creek Cave Lodge

    Image via beckhamcave.com

    Beckham Creek Cave Lodge in Parthenon, Arkansas, is -- yes -- a cave. It took four years to turn this former Ozarks cave into a place where people can stay -- and from the looks of the gorgeous photos on their site, it was well worth the wait. 

    Rates: Starting at $1,600/night

  • Prana Residence Spa

    Image via airbnb.com

    It's a spa lover's dream! Guests at the Prana Residence Spa in Litchfield, Connecticut, can stay at a house that also happens to be a spa. The home -- which features a killer indoor pool, sauna, hot tub, jacuzzi, and solarium -- sleeps seven, and no doubt, guests will feel super relaxed when checking out. 

    Rates: Starting at $750/night

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  • Treebones Resort

    Image via treebonesresort.com

    Ever wanted to sleep in a nest? Well, you're in luck. The "Human Nest" at the Treebones Resort in Big Sur, California, is literally, well, a nest for you to sleep in. Nestled in the trees near the ocean, the Human Nest is, as the site puts it, "extreme eco-sleep."

    Rates: Starting at $150/night 

  • Historic Union Station

    Image via ihg.com

    If you've got a thing for trains, the Historic Union Station in Indianapolis, Indiana, is thee place for you. The rooms are converted old train cars, and to add to the effect, statues of old train conductors are sprinkled throughout the hallways. Very cool. 

    Rates: Starting at $170/night

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  • Modern Glass Tree House

    Image via airbnb.com

    The Modern Glass Tree House in Atlanta, Georgia, is all the nostalgia of your childhood plus all the modern amenties (and then some) of your adulthood. You may be hidden from civilization, but the forest animals will see you just fine. 

    Rates: Starting at $500/night 

  • Boulders Outside, Bolder Inside

    Image via airbnb.com

    The Boulders Outside, Bolder Inside residence in Yucca Valley, California, is a beautiful paradox with "raw beauty outside and artist-designed luxury within." Be careful, though -- according to the Airbnb listing, there are "desert ghosts everywhere" in this home. Um, yay?

    Rates: Starting at $795/night 

  • Wings Neck Lighthouse

    Image via airbnb.com

    With 360-degree ocean views, you can never go wrong. At Wings Neck Lighthouse in Pocasset, Massachusetts, you can spend the night in an actual lighthouse only few feet from the Atlantic Ocean. How cool is that?!

    Rates: Starting at $500/night

  • Romantic, Luxury Tree House Retreat

    Image via airbnb.com

    The Romantic, Luxury Treehouse Retreat in Walhalla, South Carolina, is the ultimate in romantic seclusion. Not only are guests in a tree house, completely away from it all, but the space boasts an outdoor rope bed. If that isn't enough to book a trip, not sure what is. 

    Rates: Starting at $189/night

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  • Jules' Undersea Lodge

    Image via jul.com

    Get in touch with your inner Ariel by staying at Jules' Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida, which, yes, is under water. Guests need to take a scuba training course before checking in, but once they've got the hang of things, they're good to go.

    Amazingly, there's even room service here! Staffers will deliver well-wrapped pizzas to guests of the hotel. Talk about mouthwatering!

    Rates: Starting at $500/night

  • Kokopelli's Cave

    Image via kokoscave.com

    If spelunking is your thing, try shacking up at Kokopelli's Cave in Farmington, New Mexico. The one-bedroom cave home is built into the Tertiary Ojo Alamo sandstone about 100 feet underground.

    And the entrance? Oh, it's in the cliff face and is reached via walking down a sloping path and steps cut into the sandstone. No biggie. 

    Rates: Starting at $280/night 

  • Amangiri Resort

    Image via aman.com

    The Amangiri Resort in Canyon Point, Utah, has been referred to as the "billionaire enclave." The resort, which is close to the Arizona border, sits on 600 acres of wilderness and is tucked away in a valley. Guests have the opportunity to get away from it all while participating in anything from horseback riding to unwinding at the spa. 

    Rates: Starting at $1,500/night

  • Library Hotel

    Image via libraryhotelcollection.com

    If you love reading, then the Library Hotel in New York City is for you. The entire 10-floor hotel is dedicated to books, each floor paying homage to a category of reading, and each bedroom decorated in different book theme.

    Rates: Starting at $400/night

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