This Alarm Clock Brews Coffee & Everything Is Right With the World

Let's face it -- mornings are tough. There's the whole matter of convincing yourself to get out of bed, leaving the warm sanctuary of fluffy pillows and blankets for a stressful day of commuting and working. And that's to say nothing about the #struggle of groggily making coffee while you're wistfully thinking of another hour of sleep.


That's why when we heard about this coffee-brewing alarm clock, officially known as the Barisieur, it gave us life.

It's pretty simple -- you fill the contents of the clock the night before (and, yes, it even stores a small vial of milk that it chills) and you wake up in the morning to a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

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This is quite possibly the best way to start an otherwise boring day. And for those of you who aren't really coffee drinkers, fear not -- the clock also brews tea.

So how did this caffeinated miracle happen? After raising over $500,000 through an Indiegogo campaign, London-based inventor Joshua Renouf is hoping to debut this game-changing concept in September of next year.

While you can pre-order the product through Renouf's Indiegogo for $300, once it hits a local Bed, Bath, and Beyond near you, the price will be marked up another $120.

It's a steep price to pay, sure, but remember, people -- this is a clock that literally wakes you up with freshly brewed coffee!

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The design includes a USB outlet to charge phones and little drawers that leave room for creamer, sugar, and other items you'd like to dress up your morning cup o' joe.

Because Renouf learned that adopting a nightly routine encourages a more restful night's sleep, he made it so you must set up all the elements the night before -- which isn't all that much to ask, if it'll cut down time in the mornings ... AND IT WILL.  

You're able to set the brew time to go off with, before, or after your morning alarm. Folgers once claimed that the best part of waking up was having its product in your cup, but we're willing to bet that it won't really matter what's in your cup as long as it's hot and strong.


Images via Joshua Renouf

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