11 Small-Space Hacks to Steal from Ikea's 2017 Catalog

11 Small-Space Hacks to Steal from Ikea's 2017 Catalog

Ikea is the go-to source for rethinking how to use your limited space -- and doing it in style and on budget! We've combed through Ikea's new 2017 online catalog and found 11 of the best small-space hacks. They'll have you rethinking how you live in the space you're in.

From ingenious storage solutions to modular sofa sleepers to repurposed laptop tables, there is seemingly no end to how you can eke more style and space out of your home.

So get inspired, get creative, and get ready to steal these cool design ideas!


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  • "Built In" Storage

    Image via onlinecatalog.ikea-usa.com

    Stuck in a bedroom (or home) with little storage space? Give it the "built-in" look!

    Installing a bank of cabinets along a wall looks modern and neat, and maximizes functional wall space. Now you can stow away media, books, toiletries, off-season clothes, office supplies, linens, etc., without sacraficing style.

    Ivar Pine Cabinet: $80

  • No Backyard? No Worries

    Plant Shelves
    Image via onlinecatalog.ikea-usa.com

    Have you got a green thumb, but no backyard? Even a compact living room can accommodate this glass and metal shelf, which looks gorgeous adorned with a collection of potted plants large and small.

    A small space doesn't mean you have to sacrafice green space! 

    Vittsjo Tempered Glass and Metal Shelf: $79.99 

  • Think Inside the Box

    Wall Mouted Boxes
    Image via onlinecatalog.ikea-usa.com

    It's a gallery wall. It's functional storage. It's a way to both show off or hide your precious belongings.

    These little storage boxes work aesthetic and practical magic, and they are so economical, you'll be tempted to mount them high and low in every room.

    Valje Box: $25; Valje Box with Door: $35

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  • Bathroom Bench

    Image via onlinecatalog.ikea-usa.com

    A bathroom bench is a storage solution that's as great-looking as it is smart, providing seating and a place to stash towels, tissue, toiletries, and magazines.

    Get a hip spa-look by teaming it up with matching wood panels and hooks for your towels, jewelry, hairdryer, and robe.

    Molger Bench, $39.99

  • Island Life

    Kitchen Island
    Image via onlinecatalog.ikea-usa.com

    For the kitchen that lacks adequate shelves, drawers, or counter-space, this crazy-functional workbench is a must.

    In fact, this beauty could work overtime in just about every room in the house: instant craft room, entryway organizer, tool wrangler, pantry hero, home office manager.

    Rimforsa Work Bench: $499

  • Bathroom Extension

    vanity station
    Image via onlinecatalog.ikea-usa.com

    Does your micro-bathroom leave little-to-no space for hair and makeup? Why not build your own beauty station in a nearby room, hallway, corner, nook, or closet?

    All you need is a compact laptop table, a stool, and a self-lighting mirror to get styled in style.

    Vittsjo Laptop Table: $39.99; Raskog Stool: $24.99; Lilljorm Mirror: $39.99

  • Behind the Curtain

    Bedroom With Curtain
    Image via: onlinecatalog.ikea-usa.com

    Create a room that's part bedroom, part living room, with a simple set of curtains. Like magic, they can also hide a closet or conjur a private nook.

    You might start to wonder why you didn't use curtains to double your space sooner.

    Vivan Pair of Curtains: $9.99; Algot Wall Shelves: $135

  • Dine In or Take Out

    Patio Dining Furniture
    Image via onlinecatalog.ikea-usa.com

    Team up these super-affordable and functional shelving units with this rust-proof aluminum table and chair combo and you've got an instant stylish, modern dining room that can squeeze into a dinky space or a petit patio.

    Bonus points: Shelves can double as a pantry and store overflow kitchen supplies. 

    Tunholmen Table and Chairs: $199; Hindo Shelf Unit; $50 Hindo Shelf Unit with Cabinet: $119

  • Multipurpose Room

    Living Room With Bunks
    Image via onlinecatalog.ikea-usa.com

    Pull a bunk bed into the living room? When it looks this clean and gives your kids a cool place to hang out with the family, why not?

    Not only do the bunks give kids their own zone for climbing, cuddling, and reading, but you've also got guests, slumber parties, and visiting family covered. Gaurunteed to lure kids out of their rooms for family movie night!

    Tuffing Twinbunk Bed Frame: $119

  • Living on the Grid

    colored storage boxes
    Image via onlinecatalog.ikea-usa.com

    Just what your kid's room (or any room) needs -- storage solutions that are flexible, compact, and deliver a serious design punch.

    These wall-mounted storage boxes come in a range of sizes and primary colors. You can stack them, grid them, or just plain scatter them. They will make cleanup feel like child's play!

    Lixhult Boxes: $15-$25

  • Sleep, Sit, Store

    Room With Sectional
    Image via onlinecatalog.ikea-usa.com

    This room packs in so many great storage, seating, and sleeping options, it's hard to know if it's a bedroom, a living room, or both.

    The compact modular seating can convert to a sleeper or a storage cubby, giving you numerous ways to make a room pull double or even triple duty.

    Vallentuna Sectional 3 Seat: $980

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