13 Genius Cleaning Hacks for Back to School Because Ain't Nobody Got Time for That

Caylin Harris | Jul 11, 2019 Home & Garden
13 Genius Cleaning Hacks for Back to School Because Ain't Nobody Got Time for That

Back to school means back to reality, and unfortunately, your regular cleaning schedule. While it was nice to have a summer vacation from the never-ending mountain of dirty laundry and messy kitchens, we sadly can't live out our lives from a hammock on a bright, sandy beach.

Fear not, though! We've got some pro tips on how to tackle the most common messes you might run into this school year, from spills to stains and everything in between. We can't make summer last forever, but we can at least make your life easier as you wait patiently for next May.  


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  • Removing Permanent Marker


    On the off chance your child gets her hands on a permanent marker -- which will inevitably happen happen at some point -- these tips will have you covered no matter what surface she chooses to color all over. 

  • Super Stain Guide


    A cheat sheet for some of the most common kid-related stains might just mean those new clothes will stay looking newer a little bit longer than usual. 

  • Keep Your Car Cleaner


    Now that it's fall, you're practically living in your car with all those school pick-ups and drop-offs, sports practices, and playdates. The best way to keep your car from looking like a disaster zone is prevention. Try keeping paper or silicone muffin liners in your cup holders to prevent stuck-on messes that are the hardest to get off. 

  • Quicker Pick Up


    Glitter, paper punches, pencil shavings -- you'll be able to do a quick and easy clean sweep by using a lint roller. Just throw the sheet away when you're done and you're all set!

  • On-the-Go Garbage


    Wrappers and food don't become a mess if you immediately have a place to put garbage when you're done. This cereal dispenser is the perfect size for a tiny in-the-car garbage can and you can empty it quickly and easily when needed. 

  • Hurl Hack


    More school ultimately means more germs. So, sadly, surprise projectile vomiting might be an issue. Coffee grounds don't get rid of it, but they at least help you clean it up faster! 

  • Power Pack


    Backpacks get a ton of wear and tear throughout the school year, so doing some spot cleaning will help extend their lifespan -- at least until your little one decides to change his style.

  • Solve Microwave Messes


    Dealing with an after-school mess? It becomes really easy for hard-to-get-off gunk to take over your microwave. Steaming lemon water in it will help soften everything up so you can easily wipe it off. 

  • Critter Cleaning


    Their stuffed animal gets dragged everywhere from show-and-tell to friends' houses and the playground, all leading to dirt and wear. Not to mention it's a magnet for germs! Here's your cleaning solution for any and all of your well-loved little friends. 

  • Stinky Feet Solution


    With all of the playing and practicing happening, sneakers and shoes are bound to get a little smelly. Try placing teabags inside shoes to help eliminate odors. 

  • Lunch(box) Break


    Yikes! What is that smell in your kid's lunchbox? It's really easy to find lost food in the lunchbox that can lead to some pretty nasty-smelling odors. Here's how to get them clean. 

  • Scent Booster


    Give the house a little scent refresh if it needs it by using the Gain scent balls dissolved into water. A dryer sheet in water works just as well. Place into a spray bottle and gently spritz to help with any odors. 

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