Please Get These Ole Miss Freshmen and Their Fancy Dorm Room on HGTV, Stat

Ole Miss dorm room

It wasn't long ago that I was picking out my room decor for my very own college dorm room, and I was very much enamored with the theme that I chose (Target chic, with an Audrey Hepburn poster to round everything out). My roommate brought some butterfly decals, and Victoria's Secret Pink bags adorned on our walls, so I guess you could say we were living the high life.


Still, that didn't stop me from envying the apartment that Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen once shared during their run on Gossip Girl -- it was all coordinated pillows and shams and glam and nothing short of what dreams are made of. 

Well, these two Ole Miss freshmen, Lindy Goodson and Abby Bozeman, are single-handedly embodying the Gossip Girl apartment I coveted, and then put that to shame with their luxury dorm room renovations

Their photo has been having a moment on social media, with more than 3,000 retweets (and counting!). The craziest part is that they didn't actually shop for their dorm decor together, instead shopping separately at stores ranging from TJ Maxx to Pottery Barn to local antique shops, because -- of course -- they met over social media and never met in person until move-in day.

Yet, they still managed to coordinate literally everything to a T.  

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Martin 203 in tha 38655!! #babyrebs #hydr

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However, some things just couldn't be found (and coordinated) in the local TJ Maxx. Their dreamy headboards, pillows, and bed skirts were all custom-made, putting my own Target comforter set to shame. 

Of course, there are some who feel that this is a bit too much for a freshmen dorm, but personally, I'm in complete awe of their room. Maybe it's because whenever I set out to decorate my place, I never actually finish. Or maybe it's just that they coordinated so perfectly without having met IRL.

But, I do know that this is absolutely f*cking flawless and I probably wouldn't have had a social life if my dorm room was that amazing.  

When talking to BuzzFeed, Bozeman credited the home improvement project to the competitive nature around campus, telling the site, "It's really competitive. ... So I was like, we definitely have to make ours look good. A lot of [dorms] here are done up."

Lo and behold, the viral attention brought the competitive nature out of a few other girls on campus. And try as they might, there's just nothing touching this dorm room. Seriously. 

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While I totally understand that these ladies are still soaking up the 15 minutes of fame, I only have one request: Invite me over for (virgin) mimosas and pedicures once the attention dies down.

I repeat: Please spirit me away from my mundane Ikea-filled, roommate-packed apartment. I've always wanted to sit and sip tea (or I guess, in this case, a mint julep) with Blair Waldorf, and you guys (with that room) are the next best thing. 

More importantly, when can we expect a dorm improvement show on HGTV? Because even college grads could take a leaf out of this book.


Image via abbyboze/Instagram

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