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10 Unique (& Affordable!) Wall Hangings That Will Show Off Your Style

If you don't want to dabble in paint or wallpaper, sometimes all a bare wall needs is a cool wall hanging to change the whole feel of a room. And if you're not into finding a framed painting or picture to hang, you're in luck.


Going with something bold or unique is certainly more unexpected, and can add a ton of edge and personality to your pad. And so, we've picked out 10 cool wall hangings -- all under $50! -- so you can experiment with what you like.

We love the look of mod, vintage, boho, and all-around magical -- this collection is exactly that. No matter which one you pick, they'll all spice up any room in the house. 


Image via MyMacremania/Etsy

Image via urbanoutfitters.com

1Feel the Fringe

Fashioned in a hammered metal with luxuriously long strings, this Moon Fringe Wall Hanging ($39, urbanoutfitters.com) would look lovely hanging over a bed, and you'd probably have the sweetest of dreams sleeping under it.

Image via modcloth.com

2Getting Geometric

We have a thing for geometry, and so we adore this Adobe Well Wall Decor in Copper ($29.99, modcloth.com), which comes in a set of six. You can either break them up or arrange them in a group for an edited feel. Oh, the possibilities! 

Image via etsy.com

3Paper Dahlia Wall Hanging

This lightweight Dahlia Wall Hanging ($35, GeorgianaArtAndStyle/etsy.com) is made of cardstock, and while this one is in beautiful teal, there are tons of other colors and styles to choose from as well.

Image via worldmarket.com

5Toran Wall Decor

This stunning Red Embroidered Toran Wall Decor with Five Flags ($39.99, worldmarket.com) is handcrafted in India and is said to bring prosperity into the home. We don't know about that, but it definitely brings a pop of color to an otherwise dull wall.

Image via etsy.com

7Gold Dipped Feathers

Embrace those boho vibes with this Stevie Nicks–inspired Gold Dipped Feather Wall Hanging ($32, WestwardNotions/etsy.com). 

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