10 Unique (& Affordable!) Wall Hangings That Will Show Off Your Style

Michele Zipp | Aug 19, 2016 Home & Garden

If you don't want to dabble in paint or wallpaper, sometimes all a bare wall needs is a cool wall hanging to change the whole feel of a room. And if you're not into finding a framed painting or picture to hang, you're in luck.


Going with something bold or unique is certainly more unexpected, and can add a ton of edge and personality to your pad. And so, we've picked out 10 cool wall hangings -- all under $50! -- so you can experiment with what you like.

We love the look of mod, vintage, boho, and all-around magical -- this collection is exactly that. No matter which one you pick, they'll all spice up any room in the house. 


Image via MyMacremania/Etsy

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