12 Genius DIY Storage Hacks That Will Keep Your Kids (& You) Sane

Caylin Harris | Aug 30, 2016 Home & Garden
12 Genius DIY Storage Hacks That Will Keep Your Kids (& You) Sane

When it comes to keeping your own stuff organized? Let's get real. Most people don't excel at corralling clutter. And when you add kids (and all of their many possessions) into the mix, it can be a recipe for an organizational disaster. The worst part is that it can result in a lost lovie or stepping on a misplaced Lego -- not to mention wasted time looking for things. 

Thankfully, getting and staying organized is easier than you think. And it doesn't have to be boring. Check out these delightful kids' storage ideas for the best DIY hacks.


Image via Audrey Smit at This Little Street

  • Brilliant Book Bin

    Kids book storage
    Audrey Smit at This Little Street

    Don't be fooled -- while this design may house kids' books, the streamlined book storage solution is so sleek you'll find uses for it way after your kids grow out of it. 

  • A Crate Idea


    So maybe you're looking for DIY-lite? This shelving unit is made only from crates, meaning that it's pretty hard to screw up. Just be sure to anchor the shelving to the wall when you've completed the project so it doesn't come tumbling down.

  • Stuffed Menagerie


    Cute and useful, this is a genius way to store those stuffed animals that can take up a ton of space. Bungee cords and easy-to-reach storage means that they'll get played with and (hopefully) put away. Your little one will love playing zookeeper. 

  • DIY Lego Drawer


    Keep Legos out of sight and hopefully off the floor (although we can't guarantee that) with this clever drawer that you can DIY to fit right underneath your sofa, coffee table, or a chair for maximum space-saving potential. 

  • Play With Your Food


    Completely genius, this plastic container (with a little love and some creativity) becomes not only a great way to keep play food organized but becomes part of playtime too. 

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  • Brilliant Bins


    The ultimate Lego station for the extremely organized child who takes his or her creations very seriously, these color-coded Lego drawers ensure that every idea can be realized quickly and easily. 

  • Four-Wheeled Fun


    So damn clever that we wished we thought of it ourselves! This magnetized storage bars that would normally hold kitchen knives are the perfect way to keep your kid's Hot Wheels in check too. 

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  • Game Changer


    A hanging closet clothes organizer does wonders to help keep all of your family's board games nice and neat without taking up a ton of space. While we can't guarantee you'll lose fewer pieces, we have a sneaking suspicion this might help. 

  • On a Roll!


    Have wheels, will travel. Take storage and organization on-the-go from room to room with your kids. It might just encourage more cleanup if there's always a place to put their playthings (fingers crossed). 

  • Smarter Than Shoes


    Repurpose an unused shoe storage bin into the perfect place to stash stuffed animals, dolls, or action figures. Plus, you're making use of the often-wasted space behind the closet door. 

  • Head Gear Hanger


    Keep bows, clips, and headbands neatly stored using clothespins. Attached to a piece of wood, they make it a lot easier to keep them from getting lost, and are a pretty way to display everything. Now, if only our own hair ties looked that cute!

  • Sort It Out


    Empower kids to not only put on their own clothes, but also put them away after you do laundry by clearly labeling each drawer with what belongs inside thanks to chalk and chalkboard paint. If your little one can't read yet you can draw a picture of the items on the front. 

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