12 Gorgeous Rooms Designed With Shiplap Walls -- We're Obsessed

12 Gorgeous Rooms Designed With Shiplap Walls -- We're Obsessed

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It's official. Decorating with shiplap is kind of thing. A big thing. The trend -- which is just a fancy way of decorating your house with rustic strips of board -- has caught fire thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines from HGTV's Fixer Upper. They use shiplap liberally in almost every home they renovate. The breezy look has inspired plenty of folks to give shiplap a try. We've collected 12 rooms that use it with great results and offer ideas you can steal!

Traditionally shiplap -- a rough-sawn board with grooved sides to fit snugly together -- was used to construct barns and outbuildings. The rustic, casual look has moved indoors, and at its best, shiplap adds character, texture, and charm to a room. At its worst, it feels overdone, barn-like, and at odds with a home's decorative style or architecture. Like any design trend, the key is to find a balance.

Check out these 12 rooms that use original shiplap (or recreate the look of original shiplap) gorgeously.


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  • Light and Airy


    One of shiplap's great qualities is the way it makes a space feel light and airy, and this living room is the perfect example of that. The all-white planks make this "nook" of a living space feel open while highlighting the dimensions of the room. The creamy colors of the furniture help ground the high ceilings and warm the room. 

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  • Corralling the Kid Zone


    Shiplap frames this smart-looking homework zone for kids and puts an otherwise blank, flat wall stylishly to work. It succeeds in creating a room inside of a room. The dark-finished vintage pendant lights over each seat are adorable and complete the look. A+!

  • Bold in Black


    This bathroom turns the idea of shiplap on its head by going with a bold black paint. The result is far more striking and graphic. It highlights the fabulous file and contrasts beautifully with the white marble and brass vanity.

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  • A Lovely Accent


    A good rule of thumb with this style: Don't sink the ship by over-paneling. This open-concept dining and living room feels full of light and sparkle thanks to amazing windows and french doors. The shiplap accents the space rather than overwhelming it.

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  • Staying True to Syle


    Using shiplap in a stairwell can be tricky -- but this one does it right by staying in character with rustic wood stairs and a simple black rail. So many stairwells pair shiplap with traditional railings, banisters, and light fixtures, which just ends up looking mismatched. 

  • Pair It With Wallpaper


    While shiplap feels like the foundation (or the blank canvas) for this entry and hallway, it lets other design elements shine. The wallpaper is the star of the show here, and the antique wood bench looks warm and elegant against the white. 

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  • Soft and Soothing Bedroom


    It's true -- this loft-like bedroom has a lot of shiplap. But the warm hues and soft textures of the furniture and decor balance it out. The room ends up with a nice sense of symmetry between the warm-white panels and all the rich, layered textiles. Very serene! 

  • Island Oasis


    Navy paint gives this shiplap-paneled kitchen island a nautical pop that is eye-catching yet simple. The white metal chairs are the perfect accent and add serious graphic punch!

  • Nautical Notes


    Okay, how cool are these bunks? Distressed white shiplap makes the perfect backdrop and stair faces for these custom-built bunks. The navy bedding and the criss-cross railing are the perfect finishing touches.

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  • Make It More Modern


    This shiplap hallway shows how you can nudge the feel of shiplap from rustic farm to urbane and modern with furnishings and decorative objects. The velvet-upholstered bench and silk pillows take the "barn" out of it and the modern-looking graphic print gives it a hip, city vibe.

  • Avoid Whiteout


    This bathroom uses shiplap but avoids going severe all-white. The soft "greige" color is warmer and more interesting, and it sets off the lovely botanical prints. The lace shower curtain is another unexpected feminine touch. The decorative wood cornice over the tub is kind of genius. 

  • Let the Decor Dominate


    In this cozy living room, shiplap is just one design element in a room filled with rich textures, prints, and objects. Integrating shiplap keeps it from looking cliché or, in a matter of years, dated. 

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