12 Gorgeous Rooms Designed With Shiplap Walls -- We're Obsessed

pottery barn sofa

It's official. Decorating with shiplap is kind of thing. A big thing. The trend -- which is just a fancy way of decorating your house with rustic strips of board -- has caught fire thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines from HGTV's Fixer Upper. They use shiplap liberally in almost every home they renovate. The breezy look has inspired plenty of folks to give shiplap a try. We've collected 12 rooms that use it with great results and offer ideas you can steal!


Traditionally shiplap -- a rough-sawn board with grooved sides to fit snugly together -- was used to construct barns and outbuildings. The rustic, casual look has moved indoors, and at its best, shiplap adds character, texture, and charm to a room. At its worst, it feels overdone, barn-like, and at odds with a home's decorative style or architecture. Like any design trend, the key is to find a balance.

Check out these 12 rooms that use original shiplap (or recreate the look of original shiplap) gorgeously.


Image via Pottery Barn

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