16 Inspiring Ikea Hacks You Need to Steal Now

16 Inspiring Ikea Hacks You Need to Steal Now

IKEA hack dresser wallpaper

Ikea is awesome for a reason (aside from their Swedish meatballs). They make stylish, modern (functional!) furniture at an insanely affordable price. But there's one problem -- besides putting together your Malm dresser and realizing it's missing a screw. Everyone knows an Ikea piece of furniture when they see it. Because they probably have it, too. 

Enter, Ikea hacks. Little (or big) ways to change up your Ikea furniture so it doesn't look so, well, Ikea-y. There's no reason you can't have the midcentury credenza of your dreams or the chic bar cart you've always wanted. All it takes is some creativity and a little elbow grease.

We poked around for some of the best, most creative (as well as some easy to do!) Ikea hacks, and what we found was nothing short of downright #furnituregoals. Get those Allen wrenches ready, people. It's time to un-Ikea your Ikea furniture. 


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