8 Gorgeous Wall Color Trends That'll Make You Want to Paint ASAP

8 Gorgeous Wall Color Trends That'll Make You Want to Paint ASAP
Image: Alyssa Rosenheck/Interior by JL Design Nashville

bold green wall paint color
Alyssa Rosenheck/Interior by JL Design Nashville

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably regularly imagining the next room makeover you’re going to do in your home -- and sometimes all you need to make a space feel fresh is a brand-new paint job.

It all starts with choosing the perfect paint. Only thing is, with so many colors and finishes to choose from, that decision can get intimidating.

You want a look that isn’t going to go out of style in half a second. I get it. So I talked to the pros -- interior designers who shared the hottest wall colors and finishes their clients are requesting. These hues will make your walls feel fashion forward.

But first, a word of warning: “While a homeowner can get wrapped up in trends, remember to create a space that works for your whole family and honors the integrity of your home,” says Jessica Davis, principal interior designer at JL Design Nashville.

In other words, you’re going to have to take in all of these trends, think about how they’d look in your space, and consider which best reflects your family’s personalities. Then pick one and get painting!

  • Think Pink

    Magenta Walls in Dining Room
    Image via Sormeh Lifestyle

    “We recently used magenta with some pink mixed in for some dining room walls,” says Sormeh Salimpour, cofounder and designer at Sormeh Lifestyle. “The result is amazing -- bright yet romantic, making every meal a feast to the eye. I expect to be seeing more of this in the coming months.”

  • Bold Green

    Bold Green Walls
    Image via Alyssa Rosenheck/JL Design Nashville

    Another bold trend is green, which can lend a natural, outdoorsy quality to an indoor space. “It gives a fresh feel to the room, like a plant does on a counter,” explains Davis. “This color works in a traditional or a modern room. It coordinates best with soft, gold touches and neutral furnishings.”

  • Neutral Meets Jewels

    Neutral Walls With Jewel-Toned Accents
    Image via Erika Thompson/JL Design Nashville

    If you’re into neutral walls, consider adding jewel-toned accessories, suggests Davis. “This adds Hollywood glamour to any room. It works best in a living room where you can experiment with blue curtains and throw pillows, and gold mirrors and coffee tables.”

  • Colorful Ceilings

    colorful painted ceiling
    Image via Marika Meyer Interiors

    Think you have to go plain white on the ceiling? Not so. Color's coming to the tippy-top of the room, say the pros.

    "Think about the ceiling -- it is a huge flat expanse and should be considered when making design decisions," says Marika Meyer of Marika Meyer Interiors. She recently added a pop of hot pink to the ceiling of a wallpapered kid's room.

    "In one room we did, the ceiling is a nice minty green, which really opens up the room and brightens it up," says Anna Shiwlall, owner of 27 Diamonds Interior Design. “Pastels have a calming effect and are great to use for bedrooms or places where you want to relax.”

  • Crisp White

    Crisp White Walls
    Image via Leslee Mitchell/JL Design Nashville

    On the flip side, colorless walls are making a subtle – and grown-up -- statement, says Davis. “Clean white brings sophistication to any room,” she says. “It’s a classic wall color and works in any room. As a mom, I would suggest using white in your bedroom to create a beautiful getaway. Accentuate the room color with bold wall art and furniture.”

    And, white is probably the most versatile hue. “We love a crisp clean white and many of our clients are responding to the way it sets off their art and accessories,” says Meyer. “I have used white in homes with traditional pieces to make them feel more updated as well as in more modern spaces to maintain the fresh, crisp feel.”

  • Flat Finish

    Flat Finish
    Image via Marika Meyer Interiors

    Once you’ve got the color figured out, you’ll want to think about finish. And the good news is that many flat finish paints now are formulated to wipe clean easily. “As a mom, I am constantly wiping down my walls, which means I have had to use eggshell finishes in the past,” explains Meyer. “I prefer to use a flat finish whenever possible but previously it meant no washing. With most of our clients having children, it was not feasible, but now it is!”

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  • Calming Blue

    Pale Blue In the Bedroom
    Image via Cindy Meador Interiors

     “Pale blue with a tinge of gray evokes tranquility and peacefulness,” says Cindy Meador of Cindy Meador Interiors. “It is exudes a spa feeling in rooms and is ideal in coastal décor.”

  • Palest Shade of Gray

    Grayish White
    Image via Sormeh Lifestyle

    The darker grays that have been hugely popular in recent years are getting a bit lighter, says Salimpour. "'Shadow white' is darker than white and lighter than gray," she explains. "This understated and versatile color is perfect for mixing with jewel tones."

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