12 Farmhouse-Chic Decorating Ideas to Steal Right Now

12 Farmhouse-Chic Decorating Ideas to Steal Right Now

farmhouse kitchenThe number of people living in actual farmhouses or converted barns? Probably pretty small. The number of people taking design inspiration from farms and barns? Huge! Rustic farmhouse chic is the hottest home decor trend around, and we've cherry-picked 12 of the best farmhouse design ideas. 

The style's appeal comes from its mix of inviting, time-loved furniture, light-filled spaces, natural materials, and repurposed treasures. It may be nostalgic and charming, but it avoids cutesy thanks to a good dose of rugged wood, aluminum, and peeling paint! If the rooms of your dreams are covered in shiplap, read on!


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  • Ship Shape Bedroom


    This cozy bedroom showcases one of the hottest trends in rustic decor: shiplap! Shiplap refers to the rough-hewn wood panels used to construct barns which today are used to add texture and character to walls, ceilings, and even doors. Usually painted white, shiplap can brighten a room and make it instantly country chic. 

  • Repurposed Gems


    Thanks to the creative reuse of a vintage washtub, this entryway has a one-of-a-kind console that's loaded with the patinated beauty of farmhouse decor. The decorative seashell items are equally beautiful and playful.

  • Greatest Hits Kitchen


    With its shiplap island and ceiling, the farmhouse sink, the white subway tiles, and the wood and marble counters, this kitchen design is stocked with all the hottest farmhouse trends. The clever addition of the vintage scale and cookie jar pendant lamps are great finishing touches. Also love the reclaimed glass panes hung over the island!

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  • Rustic Bunks


    Who says bunk beds have to be predictable, particle board behemoths? This custom bunk's rough, rustic wood is dramatic and stylish. The pretty floral bedding and whimsicle wallpaper soften the edges and bring the room nice balance. 

  • Lovely Laundry Room


    A rustic sliding barn door sets the stage for a laundry room that's as pretty as it is practical. Wicker and wire baskets and a jute runner all add texture and warmth. The skirted washer and dryer and light fixtures lend a nice touch of vintage cool.  

  • Indoor Garden


    A giant plank of weathered wood turns a collection of potted succulents into a showstopper -- and strikes a balance between a modern and rustic aesthetic. Keeping both the plants and pots varied in size, color, and shape makes this display really come alive.

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  • Ladder of Success


    With its warmth, patina, and texture, you can't beat reclaimed wood for capturing that farmhouse vibe -- even in the bathroom. The repurposed wooden vanity plays off the storage ladder that's fun and functional. Love the cloth hand towel and wire storage baskets!

  • From the Barn to the Bedroom


    Corrugated aluminum siding makes the trip from barn to bedroom, creating a feature wall with tons of personality. Using industrial materials is a budget-friendly way to give a room unexpected color, texture, and attitude!

  • Farmhouse Foyer


    This entryway has so much to offer: function, organization, and style! The custom sage-green shelving and bench look crisp paired with the white shiplap walls. With a hook and a basket, everyone has a place to stash their stuff. The upper shelf becomes the perfect place to display family photos, and using all black frames keeps it looking classy rather than messy. 

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  • Nailed It in the Nursery


    A rustic nursery may sound contradictory, but this baby's room, which balances the rough with the luxe, proves otherwise. A soft muted palette of neutrals sets off the drama of the wood shutters and the natural wood planking on a feature wall. The showstopper, of course, is seeing your baby's name in lights!

  • Window Pane Gallery


    Salvage yard, here we come! The wall of this stairwell comes alive by hanging vintage window panes gallery style. Keeping the group tightly hung -- with just a few inches uniformly between each -- maintains visual order and punch.

  • Chalk It Up to Great Style


    Sigh ... this dining room is farmhouse divine. The weathered table and chairs are steeped with the good vibes of family and friends sharing a meal. The framed chalkboard echoes the sentiment. Stealing the cotton napkin placesettings.

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