13 Signs Your House Is Totally, Wonderfully, Awesomely 'Mommed Out'

13 Signs Your House Is Totally, Wonderfully, Awesomely 'Mommed Out'

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When you're expecting a child, there are common steps you take to outfit your home -- including styling up a nursery -- for the baby on the way. Yet, no one really tells you about the other type of "decorating" you're going to do once you become a mom -- the kind that involves a complete makeover you never knew you needed.

There's childproofing and then there's total kid takeover. Does this mean you can't have fancy china and white furniture? You can, but now might not be the best time. Several moms are coming clean about their "decor" and how their homes have inadvertently received a kiddie face-lift.

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  • 1. Go-to drinkware for guests just might be a sippy cup.

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    "I constantly have to remind myself to serve my girlfriends in 'adult drinkware,' instead of the nearest kiddie cup I can find. I don't mean to treat them like kids; those cups just took over my cabinet." -- Shirley M.

  • 2. All your furniture has a little extra "pattern and texture."

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    "As much as it hurt at the time, I'm proud of every carpet and upholstery stain in my home. My kids are having fun and enjoying their life at home -- and that's all that matters to me!" -- Mackenzie P.

  • 3. Stuffed animals have replaced throw pillows.

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    "I gave up a long time ago trying to have a super tidy home. I have kids. They have stuffed animals. And those animals are all around my home -- so why not decorate with them?" -- Rebecca H.

  • 4. Endless decorative storage boxes are endlessly overflowing.

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    "I tried really hard not to become one of 'those parents' who has a messy home. I bought tons of those storage boxes to keep my kids' toys in. Too bad my living room now looks like a storage facility, and still has a ton of crap everywhere." -- Diane F.

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  • 5. Doodles are the new wallpaper.

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    "So many people are shocked when they walk into certain parts of my home and see scribbles on the wall. No, my kids didn't take over the house. (Well, they did.) I used a certain kind of paint that allows them to draw on the walls, so I can keep my sanity." -- Rachel P.

  • 6. High chairs greatly limit the formal dinner party situation.

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    "Want to know why I don't host major dinners at my house? I have five kids -- three of which are still in high chairs -- that take up my table. Yup, not happening." -- Marie C.

  • 7. If it's real, it's not living in your house.

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    "I'm beyond tired of cleaning up broken pots and dirt. My kids must want to live in a world of plastic greenery." -- Michelle T.

  • 8. The master bedroom is now the playroom.

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    "I 'mommed out' our house by turning our very large first floor master [bedroom] into a playroom. My husband and I sleep upstairs in a guest room near the kids because I'm too nervous to be on a different floor. We'll move back down eventually. It just may take 10 years." -- Kendall M.

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  • 9. Mismatched and secondhand furniture make perfect design sense.

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    "I used to be ashamed of the fact that none of the furniture in my living room matches. Then I had to remind myself it's because I have kids. After a while, you give up on having that 'perfect set' you earmarked in the catalog because you know damn well your children will f**k it up." -- Eileen L.

  • 10. Decorative containers are full of kid essentials.


    "I have pretty little candy dishes in my living room. But instead of showcasing chocolates, they hold baby nail clippers, a thermometer, gummy vitamins, and children's medicine to make my life easier and lessen my need to get up more often." -- Lydia V.

  • 11. Play yards double as last-minute storage.

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    "My house is a happy mess! It's okay to dump your baby toys in the playpen when company comes over to clear a path!" -- Chrystal V.

  • 12. You have unwanted "window treatments."

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    "If someone were to walk in my house, they'd immediately know kids lived here by the ghost-like face and handprints on the windows." -- Kristina W. 

  • 13. There are random stickers ... everywhere.

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    "God knows I love my kids, but I'll be damned if I find another Frozen sticker on a piece of furniture -- wood at that! On the flip side, they do make good reminders not to go charging at the patio door. It is made of glass." -- Carmen A.

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