12 Homemade Laundry Products That Are 100 Percent Chemical-Free

Every time we're doing laundry, we're struck by just how many chemicals go into the whole process. We're not even talking about how our clothes are made in the first place -- just the routine of washing, softening, drying, and cleaning adds so many unnecessary chemicals and unnatural products to our daily lives, it's crazy. But we -- and the natural moms of Pinterest, bless them -- think that all these chemicals can be easily replaced with natural alternatives that the laundry industry doesn't want to tell us about.


We did a little digging and found that we really can replace all of our laundry products with earth-, kid-, and stink-friendly natural recipes, if you're willing to do a little shaking and creating in your kitchen. We've rounded up our favorite recipes and solutions, because honestly, the less chemicals we consume and wear, the better.


Image via livesimply.me

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