12 Tips for Packing Like a Boss for Your Weekend Getaway

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Admit it. You overpack. You inefficiently pack. You read articles about how to be a better, smarter packer and promise to implement the tips you've learned the next time you head out of town. But you don't. And each time you come home, you curse the three T-shirts, two dresses, and pair of pants that sat at the bottom of your suitcase for the duration of the trip taking up real estate. Let us put an end to it once and for all.


If you're taking a weekend trip this summer -- be it by plane, train, or automobile -- there is exactly zero excuse to overpack, or pack inefficiently. Make this the year that you finally nail your packing style and learn to travel #likeaboss. Here are 12 tips and tricks for maximizing the space in your weekend bag and becoming a more skilled packer. We're pulling for you.


Images via Nicole Fabian-Weber

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