5 Tips for Making Your Teeny Tiny Home Feel Bigger

Since we're not all blessed with millions to drop on a Kardashian-size mega mansion, usually we just have to make do with what we have. Even when "what we have" is a teeny-tiny rental and "cramped" is starting to feel like a chronic condition, that's just what we've got. For now.


Gale Sitomer of G Sitomer Design, LLC, thinks she holds the key to fooling us (and everyone we invite over) that our cramped/crammed/crowded homes -- miserable as they may seem -- aren't as small as they seem. And after hearing her tips, we're ready to believe her.

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There might not be a way to make your ceilings marble-coated and 16 feet high, but there is a way to let more light in and to capitalize on the space you have. Here's how:

1. The bigger, the better. "Just because your space is small does not mean you have to have small furniture," Sitomer says. "Using larger pieces, like an oversized area rug or couch, will make your space feel larger."

Of course, the caveat here is that everything has to fit. An oversized couch plus an oversized coffee table plus an oversized chair just isn't going to work. You have to work with the floor plan and space you have.

2. Stay lit. Sitomer says lighting is truly the key to playing with the appearance of size. 

"Having both overhead lighting using ceiling fixtures in addition to ambient lighting with lamps is a great way to highlight a space," she says. "You can also install dimmers to control the mood and amount of light so it works with any occasion."

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3. Keep it neat. "Clutter and mess makes a space feel tight and constricted," Sitomer says. "Many of our clients collect various knickknacks throughout their travels, but having all of them out looks busy and takes away from the space and the design. To make a room look and feel more organized, we encourage them to select a few of the most meaningful items they have and showcase them."

4. Fifty shades of white. Lighter colors are definitely a good trick for keeping a space looking clean and clear, but Sitomer says light ceilings are a must. "Keep your ceiling a shade of white rather than painting it a deeper shade," she recommends. "Dark ceilings make the ceiling appear lower, and therefore the room looks smaller."

5. To the wall. "When trying to make your space appear larger, think wall decor like mirrors and artwork," Sitomer says. Mirrors in hallways and bedrooms will give the space depth and dimension, and artwork with vertical patterns will make the ceiling look higher and the room more spacious.


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