19 Simple Summer Hacks Every Mom Needs

Kelly Ladd | May 20, 2016 Home & Garden
19 Simple Summer Hacks Every Mom Needs

summer hacks

Summertime! When the kids are off of school and days at the pool and weekend BBQs fill up your schedule. This year, make your summer as simple as possible.

These inexpensive hacks will not only impress your friends -- they will also make your life a little easier. Here are 20 clever ways to make your summer as simple as possible. 


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  • DIY Air-Conditioning


    Kelly Ladd

    Now you can sit outside and enjoy a nice cool breeze, even in the dead heat of the summer. Simply place a bowl of ice in front of a fan and, voila, instant AC!

  • Frozen Aloe Cubes for Sunburns


    Kelly Ladd

    It’s inevitable that sometime this summer someone in your house is going to get a sunburn. Ease their pain by freezing store-bought aloe into ice cube trays and then placing one on the skin. As the aloe melts, it will cool the skin.

  • Frozen Water Balloon Cooler


    Kelly Ladd

    For your next party, add a little flair to the cooler by using frozen water balloons to chill your beverages. Best part, when the ice melts, you can have a stellar water balloon fight. Score!

  • Bug-Free Lemonade


    Kelly Ladd

    Here’s a clever and inexpensive way to keep bugs out of your lemonade as you swim in the pool or chillax in the hammock. Simply stick a straw through the bottom of a cupcake liner and place it upside down on top of your cup.

  • Portable Marshmallow Roaster


    Kelly Ladd

    Going on a picnic or afternoon outing in a park? Here’s a portable way to roast marshmallows with has zero mess. Line a terracotta pot with tin foil, place your charcoal inside, light it up, and then roast your marshmallows. 

  • Burger Labels


    Kelly Ladd

    Make it easy for your guests during your next BBQ by labeling your burgers’ buns. Simply write "rare," "medium," or "well" on the bun with ketchup.


  • Pre-Party Ice Cream Prep


    Kelly Ladd

    Make it easy on yourself during your next summer party. Be the hostess with the mostest by scooping the ice cream into lined muffin tins ahead of time and putting them back in the freezer until it's time for dessert. Easy prep work and more time to spend with your guests!

  • Self-Draining Ice Bucket


    Kelly Ladd

    This little detail will go a long way. Instead of using a typical ice bucket, place ice cubes in a colander on top of a bowl. As the ice melts, the water will strain through. No more fishing ice out of the meltwater. Your guests will always have solid ice cubes for their drinks!

  • Beach- and Pool-Safe Phone Pouch


    Kelly Ladd

    This summer, the last thing you want is to get water or sand in the crevices of your phone case while you’re at the beach or pool. Simply place your phone in a ziplock bag and swipe your heart out, while keeping it water and sand free. 

  • Natural Bug Repellent


    Kelly Ladd

    Keep those mosquitoes away by simply sticking cloves into lime slices and placing them in a bowl on the table. Smiley faces aren’t required, but preferred! 

  • Cool-Down Necklace


    Kelly Ladd

    Cool the kids down while they are playing in the summer heat by making a necklace from cut sponges. Then soak the sponges in water and place in freezer. When it’s time to play, place the necklace around the child’s neck. This also works great for soccer and football games.

  • Mess-Free Popsicle


    Kelly Ladd

    Eliminate those sticky fingers with this simple idea. With the tips of your scissors, cut a “X” into the bottom of a cupcake liner. Then stick the bottom of the popsicle stick into the liner. The liner will collect all of the drips. Win for mom!

  • Sandal Saver


    Kelly Ladd

    Those plastic sandals are cheap for a reason. The toe inserts are notorious for popping out. Keep them in place with a plastic tag from your bread bag. It totally works and you can’t even feel it. 

  • DIY Sprinkler


    Kelly Ladd 

    Don’t have a sprinkler for the summer? That’s okay! Make one from a 2-liter bottle. Just drill holes into it and connect it to the hose with duct tape. Instant fun!

  • Easy Strawberry Top Remover


    Kelly Ladd

    Instead of wasting half of your strawberry by cutting off the green top or messing up your manicure by picking them off, just stick a plastic straw through the bottom all the way through. The green top just pops off. 

  • DIY Water Balloon Pump


    Kelly Ladd

    Don’t have an outside hose to fill up those water balloons? That’s okay. Fill up an old hand soap pump with water, wrap the end of the balloon around the nozzle, then pump away. 

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  • No-Mess Watermelon Slices


    Kelly Ladd

    Fun idea for a party or simply to avoid little sticky fingers. Cut a small hole at the bottom of a watermelon slice, stick a thick popsicle stick into the bottom, and let the kids eat it like a popsicle. 

  • Chapstick Money Holder


    Kelly Ladd

    Hate leaving cash or a wallet in plain view while at the beach? Clean out an old Chapstick container and unscrew the top part. Then roll your money up and place in side. Stick the cap on and toss in your beach bag. 

  • Glow Stick Lanterns


    Kelly Ladd

    Throwing a nighttime BBQ? Light up the party with glow stick lanterns. Fill some old jars with water, crack the glow stick, and place it inside the water. The water will amplify the glow stick’s light. 

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