10 Reasons I'm Never Going Camping

camping tent silhouettes
With summertime fast approaching, it's time to consider vacation plans. For me, beaches, lakes, and even the mountains come to mind. But no matter where I go, at the end of the day, I like to sleep in air-conditioned comfort. In other words, camping is never a consideration -- no matter how many s'mores you may try to tempt me with!


While I'm sure hiking into the woods with tents, food, and gallons of bug repellent is some people's idea of a good time, I just can't get behind it. Why, you ask? Let me list my reasons:

1. I'm having a hard enough time keeping up at home. I can't be setting up another household in the woods. And you know all that stuff is gonna fall on Mom!

2. The grocery store is as far as I like to go to catch my own food.

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3. I can use my grill (or even easier, my microwave) to make those s'mores, thank you very much!

4. It's enough that I have to clean the shower; I don't want to pay to use one.

5. What if I ran out of coffee? If Starbucks isn't going off the grid, neither am I.

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6. Not that bears aren't super-cute, but still -- bears!

7. Flushing toilets seem synonymous with vacation, don't they? (This one really should be higher up on this list!)

8. No binge-watching? No, thank you!

9. Soft, comfortable bedding -- should we really be apart for a week?

10. Once the batteries in my kids' electronic devices run out of juice, I'm afraid of how they'll amuse themselves.

Perhaps someday I'll be brave enough to see what all the fuss is about, but I'm just not there yet.

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