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11 Cool & Creative Book Storage Ideas for True Bibliophiles

Every now and then, you'll see a charming romantic comedy where a lovable, scatterbrained heroine has a house full of teetering stacks of books. As romantic as that looks, we can tell you first hand: It is not practical. You/your children/your dog/a slight gust of wind knock them everywhere, and anyway, you can only ever read a book at the top of the stack.

So instead of romanticizing that messy-chic style of book organizing, we want to romanticize actually chic styles of organizing -- and these 11 amazing bookshelves and storage options are helping us on our way there.


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1Hang It Dry

We know you're looking at this Custom Wooden Book Rack ($210, etsy.com) and thinking about all the ways it could be damaging your precious books, but we promise that it's actually very safe and kind to their pretty little pages. The wooden hangers also double as bookmarks and the whole shelf doubles as an insanely cool art piece, so lots of win-wins here.

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2Honey, Honey

Sometimes, straight shelves just won't cut it. And during those times, we'll take this mod, geometric Honeycomb Bookcase ($775, etsy.com) instead, thanks. The low piles and sharp lines will add major cool factor to a room, and we need all the cool we can get.

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5To Read

Currently, our "to read" section looks like a stack of books pushed slightly in front of a stack of "have read" books. But with a designated (and mighty cool) "will be read" shelf like this Typographic Bookshelf ($890, rure.co), we'll not only have the kind of positive language we need to get through our book list once and for all, but also a super chic organization system. Finally.

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From the muted pink to the whimsical curves, this Handmade Curved Bookshelf ($799.99, etsy.com) could bring a little Seuss into any space.

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So, yes, this sleek Batman Bookshelf ($250, etsy.com) would be a fun addition to the bedroom of any superhero-obsessed kid, but it would also be totally at home in an adult-sized room, too. Who says comics aren't cool? Not us.

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There's a lot of perfectly good book-storing space that goes to waste under railings, but this Custom Wine and Book Shelf ($1,500+, custommade.com) makes the most of pesky stairs. It's the perfect solution for small spaces that can't find (another) bookshelf!

10Read It

Italian design company Saporiti made this amazing Read Your Bookcase ($6,314, touchofmodern.com) for the design-inclined who can't give up space for their books. Its massive shelves will hold everything you need, but in a crisp and fun way.

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11Small & Mighty

This Geometric Floating Shelf ($60, etsy.com) looks like the strong, statement bookshelf you've been dreaming of, right? Right. Well, it's actually made of cardboard. The honeycomb shape and criss-crossing lines makes it super strong and able to hold your most precious books, and the chrome paint gives it the cool, sleek edge we love.

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