It's a Snap: The Painless Way to Hang a Frame Straight Every Time

If there is a home decor task more frustratingly difficult than drilling holes exactly where you need them to be in order to hang a frame straight on a wall, show us. Because half the time we try to hang pictures, we cry, and the other half of the time we just give up in the middle of the battle and deal with crooked frames and multiple screw holes in our walls forever. But we finally found our depressingly cheap and easy solution (depressing only because we should have thought of this long, long ago).


Somebody has probably already created a high-tech and totally unnecessary solution to this problem already, but we don't need it. And if you have tape (yep, just tape), you don't need it, either.

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Here's how it goes: Run a length of tape across the top of your frame. Poke holes through the tape where the screw holes are.

Unstick the tape from the frame and tape it to the wall where you want your picture to hang. Check with a level to make sure it's straight, and when you get it right, drill your screws / hammer your nails into the wall through the holes you've already made. Peel off the tape, hang your frame, and collapse onto the floor into a pile of happiness because, yes, it was THAT easy.


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