13 Outdoor Barbecue Areas Straight Outta Your Summery-est Dreams

There's a lot to love about summer haze and steamy dayzzz, but we think we can all agree that a good BBQ is at the top of the list. Is there anything better than charcoal-y burgers and toasted buns? Mmph. We're hungry just thinking about it. But we're not really here to talk about the food -- as delicious as it is, we've got something better: the perfect outdoor barbecue area.

We're not all lucky enough to have the outside eating areas and barbecue pits of our dreams, but we ARE lucky enough to live in a world where we can just stare at photos of other people's outside eating areas and dreamy barbecue pits. Counting blessings, you know?

With that in mind, we've stared long at hard at all the barbecue areas the Internet could offer (no easy feat) and pulled out our favorites for you to take a turn staring at. Whether you're looking for ideas to reinvent your own outdoor dining area or just love to gawk, you're welcome.


Image via Staci Marengo

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