Top Male & Female Cat Names of 2016 -- Did Your Pet's Name Make the List?

Top cat names of 2016For some, part of the joy of getting a cat comes from the opportunity to bestow your new furry family member with the perfect name. Whether you've had the ideal moniker in mind for years or waited to see if your feline looks more like a Fluffy or a Floyd, you still strive to pick something original and adorable. Want to see if your pet's name is a popular pick in 2016? 

Advertisement, the nation's Airbnb for pets, has ranked the top 10 male and female cat names. Not surprisingly, some of these are also pretty trendy when it comes to dogs and babies as well! Check these lists and see just how creative you are when it comes to your cat's name.

Top 10 Female Cat Names:

* denotes the name was a top dog name for 2015.

! denotes the name was a top baby name for 2015

1. Luna

2. Chloe!

3. Bella*!

4. Lucy*!

5. Lily!

6. Sophie*!

7. Lola*

8. Zoe!

9. Cleo

10. Nala

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Top 10 Male Cat Names:

1. Oliver!

2. Leo

3. Charlie*!

4. Milo

5. Max*!

6. Jack*!

7. George

8. Simon

9. Loki

10. Simba

It's fun to see The Lion King gets a little love on both lists! These names are so cute they make you want to run out and adopt a kitten, don't they?

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