13 Ways to Organize Your Handbags for Easy Access(-orizing) on the Go

Michele Zipp | Apr 21, 2016 Home & Garden

purse organizers

Many of us have so many handbags, we don't know what to do with them. They are stored in bigger bags, under beds, in some box somewhere in the attic. It's time to get organized in a way where we can actually see what handbags we have so we can use them. We found some creative ways to organize your purses so that they're always visible and easy to grab on the go.

We're thinking outside the box (clever! See what we did there?), and we looked beyond what certain pieces of furniture or items say they can do. We have some good basics along with some bigger ideas, and no matter what your storage capacity is, we have an idea that will work for you ... and all your pretty pretty handbags.


Images via displays2go.com; jcpenney.com; amazon.com; wayfair.com

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