5 Tips for Keeping Toys Tidy for Good

Caylin Harris | Apr 19, 2016 Home & Garden
5 Tips for Keeping Toys Tidy for Good

kids playroomOne of the hardest areas in the house to tidy up? Your child's playroom or bedroom. It can be quite the fight to purge toys, even if they've been outgrown, but Barbara Reich -- author of Secrets of an Organized Mom -- has a few easy ways to keep toy clutter gone for good.  

You've got the power here, parents! The best clutter tip Reich offers is to not even let items your kid doesn't need into the house. It might seem unusual, but it will save you a huge headache in the long run. Read on for more of her genius organizing tips.


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  • 1. Don't Overbuy Bins


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    While it might be tempting to go crazy buying many adorable types of bins (they come in a variety of colors and cute shapes), try to limit yourself to just one type. Just choose wisely! The uniformity in the bins cuts down on visual clutter that could make your space look unorganized, even if it isn't. 

  • 2. Spotlight on Shelving


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    Over the years, your child's storage needs will change. When they're younger, larger toys are the norm, but as they grow, they could need more space for books or smaller items. Buying adjustable shelving will ensure you're only making one higher-priced furniture purchase.

    Shown here: Catalina 3-Shelf Bookcase ($349, potterybarnkids.com)

  • 3. Be Honest About Your Space


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    The one main rule -- don't buy toys that are going to live on the floor if you don't have the room. Or if you do, it needs to be a toy that the kids play every single day. Think long and hard, because once it comes in your house, it's a battle to get rid of it.

  • 4. Don't Double Up!


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    Don't buy toys or activities that your children get a chance to do other places like school or after-school activities or even over at friends' houses. For example, if your child gets to paint at school every day, you don't necessarily need to invest in an easel for them to also do it at home. Obviously there are exceptions, but it really cuts down on clutter! 

  • 5. Get Real With Relatives


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    Sit Grandma and Grandpa down and have a chat about suggestions for gift-giving for your kids. And be honest. If you're totally overwhelmed by the amount of toys/stuff coming into the house, suggest they plan a fun day out instead of giving a physical present. Plus, it gives them a chance to bond and create awesome memories. 

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