12 Beautiful Ways to Organize Your Financial Records

Michele Zipp | Apr 12, 2016 Home & Garden
12 Beautiful Ways to Organize Your Financial Records

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When it comes to financial records, I think we all wish we didn't need to hold on to them for three or more years. But we do. Which leaves us figuring out how and where to store them. We have ideas -- gorgeous and creative ones that won't make your house look like a drab office.

We went beyond your basic black file cabinet (though we do love them, especially if they are vintage or refinished with designs or colors). These creative ideas can make appearances beyond your home office, which is especially helpful if you don't have one. Check out these cool storage ideas for your financial records. We'll bet something is going to catch your eye and fit in with your style while still being fully functional.


Images (clockwise from left) via allmodern.com; ikea.com; restorationhardware.com; bludot.com; arhaus.com

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