5 Techy Home Inventions We Totally Wish We Had

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Growing up watching shows and movies like The Jetsons and Back to the Future Part II, I think it's safe to say that many of us thought things were gonna be pretty spectacularly space-age by the time we grew up. And while smartphones and flat screens are pretty cool, there are still plenty of amazing inventions yet to be discovered that we really, really wish were real right now.


Just think how much easier daily life as a mom would be if we had some of these nifty gadgets to help out with household chores and childcare duties. Are you listening, science? Make these happen, stat!

1. Clutter Vaporizer

The next best thing to a room that cheerfully cleans itself, Mary Poppins–style, a clutter vaporizer would make the back-breaking task of cleaning up kids' bedrooms a breeze.

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2. Teen-Ejecting Bed

Speaking of The Jetsons, I'm pretty sure I remember teen daughter Judy Jetson having a bed that catapulted her from slumber in the morning -- and if that doesn't sound like the most useful thing ever for parents of groggy adolescents, well, let's just say it does sound like the most useful thing ever. And who wouldn't want a robotic maid like Rosie?

3. Baby Translation Collar

Kind of like the "translation collar" that told everybody what the dog in Up was really saying when he barked (usually "Squirrel!"), this baby-centric version would let parents know what their little one's babble is really all about. (Who knows, maybe they're talking about squirrels all the time too!)

4. Extracurricular Activity Teleporter

Tired of being your kid's personal Uber driver? This handy transportation device would zap your busy children to and from ballet, soccer, playdates, and wherever else they needed to go. Beam me to hockey practice, Scotty! 

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5. Human Remote Control

Kids are the literal worst when it comes to doing what you ask them to do. If only somebody would invent a human remote control that would guarantee kids followed instructions: Finish your homework ... zap! Brush your teeth ... zap! And of course the most useful function of all would be the "sleep" button!

For now, sadly, we'll have to settle for video baby monitors and single-serve coffeemakers. But by the time our kids have kids ... who knows?


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