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15 Must-Haves From Marimekko for Target's Home Collection

marimekko for target homeWith their bold and colorful designs, Marimekko is poised to make Target the destination on April 17 when their Home Collection fills the stores. Once you take a look at the plates, trays, and linens, you'll decide your kitchen needs a makeover.

The gorgeous prints from this Finnish design house has some spirit of the 60s with it's big, bold looks and statement making colors. Target will also feature Marimekko clothing, but we are currently obsessed with all things home -- and the prices are oh so right. Take a look at our favorites.


Image via Target

Image via target.com

1Bamboo Serving Set.

We can't even with this lovely Bamboo Serving Set 4 Piece ($29.99, target.com) in Primary. The yellow and blue/green is happiness on a platter.

Image via target.com

3Bean Bag in Appelsiini Print.

Perfect for the kids or extra seating when having gatherings, Marimekko's Bean Bag ($59.99, target.com) in this gorgeous blue Appelsiini print makes a majorly fashionable statement.

Image via target.com

5Carafe Drinkware Set 5 Piece in Lokki Print.

Invite the sunshine into your cabinets with the Carafe Drinkware Set 5 Piece ($24.99, target.com) in Lokki Print. Be gone, matchy-matchy days!

Image via target.com

7Meteori Print Rectangular Serving Tray.

If you are as obsessed with dot designs as we are, you will love this Rectangular Serving Tray ($19.99, target.com) in Meteori Print. We can see this tray filled with watermelon slices but also can be used as a jewelry holder on top of a dresser. Endless possibilities.

Image via target.com

9Salad Plates 4 Count.

Appetizers, desserts, salad, even some bread and butter get majorly exciting when placed on these Salad Plates 4 Count ($24.99, target.com) in Primary colors. We love them all so much we can't decide on a favorite.

Image via target.com

10Kitchen Towels 2 Count in Kukkatori & Appelsiini Print.

These darling Kitchen Towels 2 Count ($9.99, target.com) Kukkatori & Appelsiini Print are going to make you want to get rid of that other kitchen towel you got 765 lasagnas ago ... and it has the stains to prove it.

Image via target.com

11Reversible Table Runner in Kaivo & Albatrossi Print.

Your table needs clothes ... no really. This Reversible Table Runner ($19.99, target.com) in Kaivo & Albatrossi Print would be the talk of the party. Unless you get the plates, too. And the trays. Then it will just be all about everything Marimekko.

Image via target.com

13Napkins 4 Count.

If there ever were napkin dreams, they would look like this. Marimekko's Napkins 4 Count ($19.99, target.com) in Primary Multi Print are it.

Image via target.com

14Outdoor Rug in Harka Print.

Our obsession with patterned rugs is satisfied when we laid our eyes on this Outdoor Rug 5'x7' ($79.99, target.com) in Harka Print.

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