It's a Snap: Keep Leftovers Longer With This Fridge Organizing Hack

Rule of life: Conquer your fridge before it conquers you. Refrigerators tend to get chaotically unorganized and smelly before any other spot in the house, and, of course, the stakes are higher -- no one wants to throw out two pounds of leftover lasagna that they didn't have time to eat. Cracking down on the refrigerator hierarchy sounds intimidating, but it's only two steps, promise. And if it'll save you from the lasagna heartbreak, so be it.


Two rules. That's it.

  1. Delegate and relegate. Everything has a place, and you need to learn it. Putting milk on the door is easy, for example, and you've been doing it your whole life. But it's also the most inconsistent place in the fridge in terms of temperature, and milk spoils easily. Same goes for eggs -- leave the door spots for condiments and juices that don't need to stay as cold. Meat goes on the bottom shelf where it can't drip on other food, and fruits and veggies each get their own crisper.

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  2. Don't overcrowd. We know, we know: It's another one you don't want to hear. But throwing out leftovers more consistently, consolidating condiment bottles, and sorting through almost-empty Tupperware will create the space in your refrigerator that it needs to keep everything cool. Overcrowding means undercooling, and undercooling means throwing out that almost-full milk carton (even though it's not living on your door anymore). 

Of course, if you're serious about organizing your fridge, there are a lot more easy solves for your cooling problems. But these are the necessities, and once you hack 'em, you can consider yourself cleaned.

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