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Sheri Reed | Mar 28, 2016 Home & Garden

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You need your morning cuppa, but do you have a receptacle that matches the extraordinary beauty and importance of this daily ritual? Your morning cup is sacred, and it must be treated as such.

Choosing the right mug -- whether it's sturdy or pretty or simply fits nicely in your hand -- is just as important as picking the right coffee or tea or hot cocoa. We've found several mugs pretty enough to match the majesty of an every-morning cup. Many are handcrafted and lovingly designed -- and all of them are beautiful.

Cherish the mug. After all, it is the almighty holder of your "get up and go."


Images (clockwise from left) via etsy.com; abchome; etsy.com; food52.com; etsy.com

  • The Danish Mug



    You like your daily cup to be strong, black, and statement-making, so serve it up in this handmade-to-order Danish Mug ($44, Paper and Clay/etsy.com). Every day should be served up with such a beautiful, bold start.

  • Porcelain Pinched Splatter Mug



    It's peach, porcelain -- and perfect. The Porcelain Pinched Splatter Mug ($54, Elizabeth Benotti/etsy.com) sits in your hands like a gorgeous piece of artwork for your every day.

  • Denali Abstract Porcelain Mug



    Inspired by the magic of Denali National Park, the Denali Abstract Porcelain Mug boasts the colors of a pretty pink, yellow, and mint green sunset with a delicate dash of 14K gold luster ($38, redravenstudios/etsy.com). Exquisite.

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  • Mazama Crater Lake Mug



    I actually own this just plain gorgeous grey Mazama Crater Lake Mug ($46, stumptowncoffee.com), and I'm not kidding that every time I see it sitting, on a nightstand or on a table with cold remnants of coffee or tea pooling in its bottom, I am stopped in my tracks by its perfection. Mug or sculpture, I'll never be sure. 

  • White & Copper Ceramic Cocoa Mug



    Simplicity wins with this hand-thrown porcelain White & Copper Ceramic Cocoa Mug ($40, food52.com) from Pigeon Toe. Wrapping your hands around its smooth, satin white finish will make you feel like everything's gonna be alright today.

  • Short Mug



    Short and steady wins the race, isn't that how the saying goes? Let this Short Mug BY HAAND ($24, stevenalan.com), shown here in Lake, become your new vessel for delivering morning happiness.

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  • Silver Lace Cup



    Some mornings you just feel delicate and fragile, amiright? Well, the Silver Lace Tea Cup ($60, abchome.com) is just the cup to help gently carry you into the oh-so-bright light of day.

  • Hasami Mug



    The Hasami Mug ($28, schoolhouseelectric.com) is like that old sturdy companion you always know you can count on. He's super handsome too. 

  • Raindrops Mug



    The raindrops on this Raindrops Mug ($22, artsymodern.com) by Darling Clementine are not the raindrops that come from dark, moody clouds. They are the raindrops that pour down upon the earth to quench its hefty thirst. Use it for your every-morning thirst for a beautiful, brand new day. 

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  • Ceramic Floral Mug



    This earthy Ceramic Floral Mug ($58, Whitney Smith Pottery/etsy.com) looks and feels familiar, like you've known her your whole life. Organic, feminine, and rustic, she fits right into your everyday.

  • Glazed Ceramic Coffee Mug



    Instead of staring out your kitchen window every morning, mix it up by staring into the flowing colors of your Glazed Ceramic Coffee Mug ($38, Avesha Michael/etsy.com). Are those mountains? Rolling hills of green grass? Oh morning daydreams, they are the best.

  • Seaside Mug



    Bright turquoise, it's the color of the sea -- and the color of this lovely, hand-painted Seaside Mug ($14, thelittlemarket.com). Because if you can't go to the sea, you must bring the sea to you.

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  • Handthrown Large Earthenware Mug



    The Handthrown Large Earthenware Mug ($98, food52.com), handcrafted by Frances Palmer, is oversized and its organic vertical stripes look like a perfectly textured buttercream. Yum. 

  • POP Coffee Cup With Saucer



    The POP Coffee Cup With Saucer ($50 for set of 2, shop.dezignable.com) is a modern set that comes in three cool color combinations. Take each morning by the bright, orange handle and when your cup runneth over, you'll always have a pretty blue saucer to catch the overflow.

  • Layered Mug



    This speckled and rustic Layered Mug ($44, stillhousenyc.com), hand-built by MONDAYS, will become your instant morning favorite.

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