20 Ways to Dip & Dye Easter Eggs Until They're the Best in the Basket

Caroline Olney | Mar 13, 2018 Home & Garden
20 Ways to Dip & Dye Easter Eggs Until They're the Best in the Basket

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We're not going to say that there's nothing lamer than poorly decorated Easter eggs, but we will say that there's nothing cuter than amazingly decorated Easter eggs. There's a whole world of dips, dyes, flowers, and foils out there just waiting for our freshly boiled eggs! The world deserves to see them, and by that we mean, uncover them in a scavenger hunt! From pretty pastels to psychedelic swirls and flashy metallics, Easter egg decorating is a time to really break into our creative chops.   

Wondering why we even dress up eggs (and subsequently hide them in the ground, which would probably confuse a chicken if it saw that happen)? Well, it turns out that the tradition of painting eggs predates Christianity itself, according to the Huffington Post. Folks celebrating the Iranian New Year, called Nowruz, have been painting eggs for centuries, and egg-painting might have pagan roots. 

Anyway, back to Christianity, because, well, Easter. The Easter egg, and especially the cracking of its shell, would symbolize the resurrection of Jesus. Eating the eggs was also a celebration for some Christians in itself, since Easter also marks the end of Lent (and abstaining from meat and eggs.)

But nowadays, Easter eggs are associated with family fun and a big party on the White House lawn. Look at how far we -- and those eggs -- have come!

So in the spirit of keeping the tradition on, we rounded up our favorite dyeing and decorating techniques from DIY bloggers -- aka the most creative people on the Internet -- to choose from. Boil away!


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