It's a Snap: The Trick to Putting Your Duvet Cover Back on Quickly

Redressing a duvet always tops the lists of most hated chores ... and it's beating out nonsense like scrubbing shower scum and cleaning the bottom of the trash can. But, as it turns out, we might have been suffering uselessly all these years -- there's a super simple way to slip that duvet back in there, without the rolls, folds, or strains.


It's called the slip 'n' shake (not officially, but we're starting a naming revolution), and it doesn't involve magical but insanely complicated rolls or slipping inside the sheets yourself and making a duvet fort. Instead, you just grab the corners of your duvet insert through the cover and ... shake it out.

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It's easiest if you wash your duvet cover inside out, but you can always flip it once you're done with the dryer. Then, reach your arms all the way inside to the far corners, grab two corners of the insert, and start shaking. You'll have your duvet covered in two shakes of a lamb's tail.

More of a visual person? Watch The Domestic Geek demonstrate:


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