Laid Off for the Holidays

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This holiday season has been rough for many here on CafeMom and beyond. And for those who haven't been directly "touched" by the poor economy, the fear and worry still looms heavy.

My husband was laid off earlier this month, and it's just starting to really hit us.

At first, we were sad and a little bewildered. Then we were openly grateful for one another and for the fact that's he's paid and gets health benefits through the end of the month, and, you know, happy for our family's good health. And then we had to laugh a little. Because what else can you do?

However, as the month comes to and end and the first hopeful job prospects have come and gone, we're starting to feel the worry—just in time for all the Christmas festivities. While I know we will be fine one way or another, it's not all that fun and it's not all that easy, especially during this time of year.

+++ How are you doing out there?

(...and now we return to our regularly scheduled programming: cute pretty happy home and garden things quick!)

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FPCLa... FPCLaurie

I understand what you are saying.  My husband was laid off the end of October and Christmas is not fun.  We have had to cut way back and it hurts that I am unable to buy the gifts I want for my grandchildren or children. 

The New Year is coming but I do not know what it holds.  At least I have my job.  My husband does not have any hobbies and he is driving me crazy.  I am running out of things for him to do.  He is to young to retire.

To top it off my car needs repairs, but we do not have the money, so I am making payments to my mechanic and will get work done little by little.

We will be each others support.


Cafe... Cafe Sheri

Thanks, FPCLaurie. I'm sorry you are "in it" too. My husband is pretty stir crazy already too. Ugh. Let's hope for some good stuff in 2009. Do enjoy your Christmas...I'm drowning my sorrow in cookies this month. :)

mrsmo... mrsmostafa

Last year my husband was laid off the week before Christmas.  This year, the company is talking about "cut backs" but they will come around Valentines day.  Happy Holidays.

custo... customcat2000

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