The Only Romance Novel I Want to Read Is the One I'm in With My Cat

cat love
When I adopted a cat last August, I thought I was mainly doing it so my kids would have their much-begged-for pet, and so this 8-year-old feline wouldn't end up back in a shelter. Little did I know, I was about to meet the love of my life.


Seriously, after spending the weekend with him, I was so enamored I considered asking for maternity leave so we wouldn't have to be separated when our bond was so newly forming.

I'm in love with my cat

I honestly didn't expect to find him so intoxicatingly adorable, but with his green eyes and velvety-soft fur, I was instantly smitten. It wasn't long before I started showing photos of him to just about anyone who'd indulge me. And believe me, I noticed the odd looks they'd give when I followed up the photo spread with phrases like, "I just never expected to fall so hard so fast."

And when we're alone together? The things I say to this fluffy thing would probably have many questioning my sanity. Exhibit A: Sometimes I can't help but snuggle him and whisper into his perky little ears the lines that Aibileen from The Help used to say to Mae Mobley: "You is kind. You is good. You is important."

Crazy, right? But he is kind and good. And on most days, he's the only family member who runs to the door to see me. (Sure, he just wants his chin rubbed and a treat, but, hey, I'll take it.)

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I never expected to find myself wanting to build a prototype for a Cat Bjorn so I could bring my fur baby to a farmers' market with me. (If I ever figure out how to keep him contained and comfortable, look for me on Shark Tank!)

My husband knows I'm completely mad about this cat, but lately my devotion has been causing some confusion.

Me (in the kitchen): Oh, honey, can I get you anything?

My husband (from the living room): Sure, I'd love a beer, thanks!

Me: Um, I was talking to the cat.

And then ...

Me (sitting on the couch with both of them): Oh my gosh, I love you so much.

My husband: I love you too.

Me: Um, I was talking to the cat.

Sadly, there are more examples, but I'll stop there. It's just that I never expected to feel this way. I've even joked that if I knew I actually had this much love to give, I'd have had another child.

Sometimes at night I tell my cat, "I wish I could've met your parents. They must have been so beautiful." I want to know what his life was like before he came to live with us, and if, when he's sprawled out on the couch with his paws in the air, he's happy here.

I'm in love with my cat

I've tried to explain to my children how this really lifts a burden from them. As long as I have this little guy, who needs grandkids? I want to buy him bow ties in an assortment of colors for each and every holiday. You can call me a crazy cat-lady all you'd like, but when he's purring, my heart sings.


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