Little Kids vs. Christmas Tree. Who's Winning?

Kids vs. Christmas trees... Gosh, you might as well decorate your tree in toys. That's what imasurvivor did at her house.

With a two-year old in the house, I know we're currently finding ornaments strewn around every room in the house. And then there are the broken ones. Every. Day. Another. Broken. One. We even have a bowl for all the broken ones. My five-year old calls it the "ornament hospital."

Needless to say I loved this über kid-friendly Christmas tree idea from imasurvivor.

toddler tree, Christmas

Photo by imasurvivor

toddler tree, Christmas

Photo by imasurvivor

This is one to bookmark for next year! You too, expecting moms and moms of babies and young ones.

Cafe Suzanne shared CafeMom ideas about Baby-Proofing the Christmas tree and Cafe Cynthia shared the Toddler-Proof Your Christmas Tree woes from CafeMoms. This tree is also a really good solution. If you can't beat 'em, give them toys.

+++ So who's winning at your house? The kids or the tree?

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