My Obsession With Pretty Organization Baskets Is Turning Me into a Hoarder

storage decorative basketsWe've all seen them. Those gorgeous baskets made of wicker and seagrass that call out to you from the pages of a catalog and seem to promise, "Buy me and I'll solve all your clutter problems!" Well, initially I heeded their siren song. Unfortunately, it has completely backfired. My stunning storage baskets have turned me into a hoarder!


How many times have I blamed piles of junk mail and debris on not having a proper place to stash everything? Well, it turns out, that's not the issue. After spending more money than I'd like to think about on these coveted containers, I've learned a thing or two. (Does that make it money well spent?) Spoiler alert: The clutter is still there -- it's now just waiting for me in a pretty package.

baskets are making me a hoarder

The very containers I thought would help me get organized have now given me license to hoard. And it's not just straw baskets that have been my downfall. Apparently I'm susceptible to colorful fabric containers as well.

Just because you can store them in a decorative place, that does not mean you should hold on to a decade's worth of cooking magazines. (But, oh lordy, is it tempting!)baskets are making me a hoarder

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Akin to when you join a gym and feel like you should be losing weight and gaining strength simply because you're paying for it, owning baskets and scattering them around your home (or the trunk of the car because you're working up the courage to tell your partner you bought more of them) doesn't guarantee you'll suddenly get organized.

You still have to sit down and go through the 4,000 bank statements you've been ignoring since college. Then, you have to take the hard line on things like the turkey centerpieces your kids made in kindergarten -- only tossing them under cover of darkness, of course, so as not to destroy their self-esteem.

(See, these are the things they don't tell you in the catalogs!)

baskets are making me a hoarder

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Would things be worse if I didn't own a dozen of Pottery Barn's Beachcomber baskets in varying shapes and sizes? Would I even be able to clear a path to the door to collect the next batch of basket-filled catalogs from my mailbox? Or, in the absence of all these espresso-stained repositories, would I be forced to deal with "stuff" I've been holding in it?

It's a real chicken-or-the-egg scenario, isn't it? Without all this junk, I'd just have a bunch of empty baskets, and where's the fun in that?


Images via ©; Liz Alterman

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