4 Chic Spring Flower Trends & How to Bring Them into Your Home (PHOTOS)

It's so obscenely rare that the the groundhog actually calls for an early spring on Groundhog Day that we're still thinking about it -- and planning ahead for the warm days he promised us. Naturally, that means we have spring flowers on our mind, and we're getting excited to see the trends that'll be dressing homes, tables, and events this year.


But as much as we love flowers, we're no experts. So we called in someone who is: Bronwen Smith, the owner and lead designer at B Floral.

For spring designs, Smith says she loves the vibrancy of pink peonies. "Peonies add fullness to an arrangement while ranunculuses and sweet peas create a subtle yet unique statement within the design," she explains.

Here's how to tie these flower choices into modern and edgy arrangements for your home and parties.

Trend #1: Think outside the vase.
"This spring, we'll be seeing flowers escape the vase and become utilized in a grand design," Smith predicts. "For example, sprigs of greenery with other pastel floral elements can be intertwined on the backs of chairs to add a unique and feminine touch to your party decor."

There's also the option of having flowers go around vases and bowls instead of inside them -- and then using the bowl for other things, like candles, favors, or, you know, fish.

Trend #2: Allow your vase to take center stage.
If vase-less isn't your thing, you can head in the opposite direction with big, bold, and beautiful vases.

"Statement vases will make a huge impact this spring season, adding an exciting flair to an overall tablescape," Smith says.

Trend #3: Shine bright.
Metallic vases, plates, or linens add a really interesting complexity to a table, Smith says.

"Metallics are trending and are a really playful way to bring life into your floral design," she explains. "Pair metallic vases with pale pink or yellow flowers as a soft contrast." 

Trend #4: Go big or go home.
"This season, we are going to see the floral aspects go far beyond the standard 'centerpiece,'" Smith notes. "Hanging installations and flower walls will be the focal points at parties and events, and will continue to trend throughout the summer." 


Images via Saul Metnick; Dyad Photography; Saul Metnick; Dyad Photography; Dyad Photography

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