4 Easy Flower Arrangements You Can Steal for Your Easter Table (PHOTOS)

Some holidays have kind of garish color schemes (we're looking at you, Halloween), but Easter's all soothing pastels and gentle spring colors, and that's a scheme we can stand behind. It just means we're responsible for creating centerpieces and flower arrangements so pretty we can #tbt to them while we're busy dyeing carnations ugly blues and reds for Fourth of July.


We knew we couldn't do it alone, so we called in the big guns: Bronwen Smith, owner and lead designer of B Floral. Here are Smith's tips for creating a stunning Easter table -- plus all the photo inspiration you could ever need.

Smith says Easter is your opportunity to capitalize on color and the sheer number of spirng flowers available. "Varying shades of pastel pinks and purples paired with creams create a festive and consistent color scheme," she explains. "For an eye-catching twist to a traditional table runner, cluster small floral arrangements and votive candles down the center of a long dining table."

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If it's possible, moving your gathering outside will give you the opportunity to play off the surrounding greenery. "An arrangement with bright florals in varying heights will enhance the beauty of your natural setting," Smith explains.

"Don't be afraid to break the traditional design aesthetic this Easter by adding whimsical elements to your Easter celebration," Smith says. "Contrast pale florals with a table setting that contains bold patterns or colors to achieve a unique and vibrant look."

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If you're shooting for sophistication, darker hues are the secret weapon, Smith notes. "When creating a centerpiece, add florals such as deep purples and rich yellows to stay within the conventional holiday theme but still encompass a mature and sophisticated twist." 


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