10 Inspirational Artists' Studios You Can Rent on Airbnb (PHOTOS)

There's nothing quite like a daily grind to knock out a creative spirit, and sometimes, a weekend away is what your brain needs to latch onto inspiration. Luckily, with homesharing sites like Airbnb, finding an artists's retreat is pretty easy -- whether you're looking for a place with natural inspiration, created inspiration, or just a plain old easel.


Here are some of our favorites, but no matter what part of the world you're looking in we're sure you'll find a gem hidden somewhere.

Trumansburg, New York
Not only is this restored church filled floor to ceiling with art, it's set atop a peaceful hill and surrounded on four sides with pure nature. Whatever kind of inspiration you need, this place has it.

Castle Hayne, North Carolina
From the wooded walls to the potted plants to the layers and layers of artwork, this space is alive and brimming with imagination. 

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada 
This cozy Canadian retreat is a house set aside for artists and musicians: You'll get a room in the workshop, and share the common space (including a soundproof basement) with the other artists who move in and out.
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Los Angeles, California
Built as an actual and literal tree house in 1927, this rustic cabin is set up with an easel, awesome light, and better views.

Chicago, Illinois 
What could possibly be more inspirational than sleeping in a room straight out of Van Gogh's brain? If you're looking for a totally surreal and totally post-impressionist experience, this $10 room is your best bet.

Santa Fe, New Mexico 
This enormous space in Santa Fe is basically meant to let your mind wander. The main living space is a huge studio, but there are also three bedrooms tucked away on the side.

Milan, Italy
If you're in Milan, you probably don't need your apartment to inspire you. But if it's this charming studio, it also really, really can't hurt.

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Petaluma, California
This antique cottage is on a beautiful, historic property in California -- The Grateful Dead stayed there in the 1970s when it functioned as a glass blowing studio and hippie commune called Swallowtail Studios.

Brooklyn, New York
When you stay in this apartment, you don't just make art -- you are art. The whole place is an art installation, and your presence completes the piece.

Barcelona, Spain
This incredible space in Barcelona used to be an art gallery -- which is so gloriously obvious the more you look at it. Inspiration oozes out of the walls, and a stay here would make an amazing city even better.


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