10 Over-the-Top Clothing Items Your Dog Deserves to Have (PHOTOS)

over-the-top dog clothingChances are you probably think your pooch looks pretty fabulous just as he or she is. But just because your dog is born with natural good looks doesn't mean he or she doesn't deserve the finer things. We found some fancy pieces that will give man's best friend something to bark about!


Whether you want to have a dress-up photo shoot at home or turn some heads at the dog park, these items will do the trick!


dog in vintage sweaterDoesn't this Vintage-Inspired Blouse ($38, wooflink.com) just melt your heart? If your pet gets invited to afternoon tea (even if it's just in your playroom), this is the look she'll need!

cashmere dog sweater

You love cashmere, so why wouldn't your pup? Just imagine how darling little Muffy will look in this Cashmere Corsage Knit ($122.99, sassypup.net). You know how some moms like to coordinate with the kids? Here's your chance to match your fur baby.

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over-the-top dog clothingHow handsome is this guy in his City Slicker Package Dog Coat ($48, henribendel.com)? You can even have his monogram embroidered for an additional fee. Didn't give Norman a middle name? Better think up one quickly!

over-the-top dog clothingIf your dog loves to get down and dirty tackling all sorts of terrain, this Slush Combat Suit ($106, poshpuppyboutique.com) is just what you need! Brave the elements all year long with this puppy.

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over-the-top dog clothing

Allow your hound to unleash his or her inner ski bunny with this Brown Urban Ski Vest ($42, poshpuppyboutique.com). Even if you never hit the slopes, your dog will stay warm but look super-cool at the same time!

over-the-top dog clothing

We all know rock salt is dangerous for your pet's precious paws. These Bark'n Boots Polar Trex Winter Dog Boots by Ruff Wear ($89.95, gundogsupply.com) will protect your dog in style!

dog smoking jacket

Think of how stately and regal your pooch will look in this Brocade Smoking Jacket ($99, smokyjoesclothing.com). All he needs now is a good book and a highball -- of water, of course.

over-the-top dog clothing


If your dog loves to swim and look her best at the same time, this Sexy Dog Bikini Red Dot ($58, bitchnewyork.com) will make her summer sizzle!

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over-the-top dog clothing

If your dog is gettin' hitched or is included in a wedding, this Pink & Gold Sequin Gown ($199, thenewyorkdogshop.com) is a definite showstopper! Your pet will (bow-) wow the crowd in this fancy frock!

 Corduroy Barn Jacket for dogs

Barn jackets aren't just for farmhands and J.Crew models! Now your dog can get into the act and look fabulous thanks to this Barn Coat ($85, caninestyles.com), complete with a brown corduroy collar. 

It's never been a better time to be a fashionable dog. No matter what the occasion, you're bound to find the perfect ensemble!

Image via iStock.com/WendellandCarolyn; wooflink.com; sassypup.net; henribendel.com; poshpuppyboutique.com; gundogsupply.com; smokyjoesclothing.com; bitchnewyork.com; thenewyorkdogshop.com; caninestyles.com

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