It’s a Snap: How Tinfoil Can Save Laundry Day

When it comes to the kitchen, tinfoil can do anything. But you already know that. The thing is, you've probably never taken your roll of tinfoil out of the kitchen boundaries before, because what would you even do with it? Insulate your dog? Here's a secret, though: Tinfoil has a very useful place in your laundry room, if you know what to do with it.


When tinfoil is rolled into tight balls two or three inches in diameter, they act as residue-free dryer sheets and eliminate all the static that tends to build up in the dryer during colder weather. Don't think too hard about the physics -- no one's really sure why it works ... just that it does.

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You already have tinfoil at home, so it can't hurt to try, right? Roll up some balls (the smoother they are, the less chance they'll catch on delicate items), and depending on how heavy the load is, throw one to three into the dryer with your wet clothes.

Then, when you go to take your laundry out of the dryer, enjoy a zap-free experience. 

The best part is, those balls will last you months -- there's really no need to roll up new tinfoil every time. Cheap, eco-friendly, and residue free. Yes, please!


Image via D. Pimborough/Shutterstock

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