10 Things Overheard When a Family of 5 Is Forced to Share 1 Bathroom (GIFS)

rubber duck familyRenovating your home is exciting but never without challenges. We recently began a project that's left our family of five -- that's me, my husband, and our three kids -- with just one bathroom. Initially, it seemed like no big deal. But four weeks in, it's gettin' old fast!


The following are 10 of the wackiest things we've said to each other. (I don't even like to think about what else I'll overhear before this renovation is completed!)

1. "You can wipe later! Please hurry!"


2. "Guys, seriously, only one of you can go at a time!"

3. "Wait, who else is in here with me?"

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4. "Your father has to get to work! Brush faster!"

5. "Who had a burrito for lunch??"

6. "Quit fooling around in there! We've got a line out here!"

7. "I should've married a plumber!"


8. "I almost didn't make it!"

9. "It's okay, Mom, I'll just go outside ... again."

10. "This will all be over soon!"


Image via iStock.com/Linda Hides

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