10 Comfy Airbnbs Basically Designed for a Book Lover's Getaway

Some people go on vacation looking for grand adventures and bustling cities and strange foods. Other people go on vacation with a suitcase full of books, looking for a cozy nook or swinging hammock where they can finally get working on their to-read list. We're not saying one is better or worse, but if you're in the second camp, we are saying that these 10 Airbnbs were made for you and your stack of paperbacks.


Don't believe us? We'll have you booking your stay before you can turn a page. Just watch.

Montreal, Québec, Canada
It's like they installed this couch/bed/lounge area with you and your love of sitting in one spot with a book all day in mind. And if the lounge couch isn't your thing, there's also a hammock that looks out the rainy window behind it, so ... we know Montreal is great and all, but if you were staying here, you'd never leave.

Olympia, Washington
After you've been curled up in that little reading nook for a few hours, you'll take a sip of tea and glance up and out the window. And when you do, you'll enjoy a tree-lined view of the Puget Sound. Just saying.

Durham, Ontario, Canada
When you walk into this sleepy, starlit cabin, you'll find a cozy spot to read around every corner. Seriously. Bring your family of book lovers and stay here forever because there's enough room for everyone.

Twentynine Palms, California
There are truly, truly not many better things than a cushy leather chair shoved in a corner and surrounded by bookcases. 

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Joshua Tree, California
If the homestead feel of this Joshua Tree cabin has you dreaming of throwing your phone into the dessert and only ever looking at books again, you're not alone.

Atlanta, Georgia
You could spend days swinging on that hammock, listening to the forest. You won't have to see anything that's not nature or the pages of your book, and if that's not the capital-D dream, then what is?

Los Angeles, California
When you say you want "cozy and rustic," what you really mean is you want this outdoor reading lounge chair and the tree house that comes with it. Promise.

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Hillsdale, New York
Okay, so this is less of a "reading nook" and more of an outdoor chair adorned with a crackling fire and a cozy knit blanket, but we think it'll do just fine.

Oistins, Christ Church, Barbados
You didn't think we forgot the beach, did you? We would never. You won't forget it, either, after you've spent a week on that hammock, piña colada in one hand, novel in the other.

Brooklyn, New York
Any couch that's dog-approved is book lover–approved, too. It's just the way it is.


Images via airbnb.com

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