12 Fun Kids' Room DIYs to Refresh Your Child's Space (PHOTOS)

Rachel Denbow

kids room DIY projects

By the time you've put the finishing touches on your child's nursery, they've graduated to a big kid bed and then suddenly have (very strong) opinions about the color of their walls or the coolness of their decor! Thankfully there are plenty of ways to refresh a child's space without doing a complete overhaul every time they hit a growth spurt. Simple updates, such as adding new wall art to reflect current interests, can also be a fun project that your child can assist with. Not only will they feel more involved in decorating their space, you'll get to create a fun new memory together!

I'm currently working on updating my oldest son's room. One way I'm ensuring I won't be redoing everything again in two years is by sticking with a color palette I know he can grow into and getting specific with projects that I can easily change out as his tastes change. I've rounded up a handful of DIYs that are great examples of decorating your child's space with both of you in mind!


Images (clockwise from left) via Rubyellen Bratcher; Rochelle Mangold; Mandi Johnson; Merrilee Liddiard

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