7 Simple Steps to an Orderly & Beautiful Kitchen

Caylin Harris | Jan 28, 2016 Home & Garden
7 Simple Steps to an Orderly & Beautiful Kitchen

declutter organize kitchenCooking in a disorganized kitchen is chaos -- overflowing cabinets, drawers that won't shut, and no counter space. It's enough to make prepping dinner every night feel like you're running a Spartan race.

It doesn't have to be so complicated; it's really as simple taking stock of what you have and being strict about getting rid of what you don't need. We spoke to Barbara Reich, professional organizer and author of Secrets of an Organized Mom, for a few tough-love tips on how to make your kitchen work for you.

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  • Declutter Countertops


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    Rethink those very large novelty appliances -- things like a bread maker, ice cream maker, or panini press. Unless you use them very frequently, they just occupy valuable space.

  • Eliminate Duplicates


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    Get rid of duplicates. Toss the multiple spatulas, spoons, measuring cups, and tools -- they're just taking up space!

  • Label Shelves


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    Group things in your pantry in categories and line things like bottles up so you can see what's in them. Then label the shelves. It makes people responsible for putting things back where they belong, and you can more easily take stock of what you have and don't have.

  • Use Clear Containers


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    To save space in your pantry, take snacks out of their packaging and place them into easier-to-organize containers. It also makes it easier for kids to grab their own snacks.

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  • Organize the Fridge


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    In the fridge, place the most commonly used foods where people can see and reach them; it prevents digging through and making a big mess.

  • Display Serveware


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    For large serving dishes, find some way to make them a decor item instead of trying to fit them in cabinets. Stick flowers in a large pitcher or use a serving bowl to store fresh fruit.

  • Let It Go


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    Don't even think about hanging onto the multiple take-out menus, extra packets of ketchup, and take-out chopsticks!

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