10 Gorgeous Houseplants Even You Can Keep Alive (PHOTOS)

Home decor can be a tricky thing to perfect if you don't have the right eye, but we feel pretty confident saying that any and all spaces can be brightened and improved by a few well-placed plants. The issue we struggle with is that we're busy women without much extra time to dedicate to plant upkeep, so what we REALLY need is plants that just ... keep themselves alive.


Surprisingly, there are more options than you think (and no, they're not all succulents. We love succulents, but how many more aloe plants can we really fit on our shelves, you know?). 

We talked with Herb Zimmerman, florist on the flower delivery site BloomNation and owner of Kiko's Flower & Gifts in Park Ridge, Illinois, to steal his list of the best, prettiest, and -- most importantly -- hardest-to-kill plants that even you (yes, you) can keep alive.


Image via Ina Ts/Shutterstock

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